One More Day


Camp NaNoWriMo officially starts tomorrow… or tonight, if you want to get technical.

Are you ready? Because I feel like I’m not.

April is going to be a busy month for me. I have to take my Spanish final exam today and then my Spanish class is all done. So, I’ll only have three classes to worry about during the month of April. Yet, I’ll still have work six and half hours a day, plus that small bit of homework, plus blogging, reading, critiquing for my writing group as well as editing my own stuff to send in… oh, and I’m getting my wisdom teeth out towards the end of April.

That will certainly put my life at a stop for a couple of days.

Also, that doesn’t even include Easter, my cousin’s birthday, and my dad’s birthday.

April is going to be ridiculously busy when it’s usually not. But I can’t worry too much about it.

Aside from my Spanish exam, I already finished all my homework for this week. So starting tomorrow I won’t have school to worry about so I’m hoping to get a great head-start on NaNo.

Good luck, everyone!

Birthday Weekend


Friday: Friday seemed like a long day. I was anxiously awaiting to get out of work not only for the weekend, but so I could get to my friend’s house. My friend had a baby about a month ago and I was just meeting the baby for the first time. It was a good afternoon because I got to hold a baby (it’s been a long time) and I got to see my friend. I haven’t seen her since her baby shower back in November. I have school and work to thank for that.

Friday night I came home and worked on my writing group’s critiques. They were due Saturday morning, so I naturally left them until the last minute. It’s funny how deadlines creep up on you.

Saturday: I had my first writing group meeting. Technically was the second one, but Kris and I missed the first due to a prior commitment. We were nervous, but it went really well. Including the two of us, there’s seven of us total. Small, but I like it that way. It was good to have my work being read and critiqued by others than family. I got great feedback, both positive and negative. The next step is to edit that part again so I can edit the second part and send that for next month.

My cousin had a birthday party to go to so I went with my mom to drop her off and then we were food shopping. For once, we finished shopping in a timely manner and then had an hour to kill while we waited for my cousin’s party to be over. Once we got home, my mom thought it would be a good idea to go out to dinner. Kris and my dad didn’t feel like going, so Mom and I went to Panera. I was barely home on Saturday and wasn’t able to get anything done I originally planned. However, I spent the majority of the day with my mother (and we don’t get a lot of time to do that often) so it was good.

That night we gave my mom her birthday gifts early. We got her a Blu-Ray player and a new iPad. So I think she was pretty content.

Sunday: It was my mother’s birthday, plus Palm Sunday. So we went to church, which was extra long because the service was an extra half hour and then the Sunday school kids had their annual Easter egg hunt. We ended up being at church for an extra hour.

I took my Spanish quiz (that again, I left until the last minute) and then we went out to dinner. There was 11 of us for dinner and the waitress was slow and not very good, so we were there for a little while. We went to The Outback, so I can’t complain–the food is always awesome.

Then we went back to my house for cake for Mom’s birthday.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Busy, but relaxing at the same time.

This Week: I need to outline a bit more for my Camp NaNo novel. Camp starts in two days. With that being said, I need to finish my homework in a timely manner. Plus, I need to work on my Detective Florence manuscript for my writing group.

April is going to be a busy month; especially when it comes to writing. I hope I’m able to get a routine down and stick with it–even if it’s just for the month.

How was your weekend?

Short Story Sunday #50



The scent of lavender was overpowering. I wanted to sneeze, but I couldn’t. I had to try to hold it in as long as I possibly could. It wouldn’t look good if I sneezed all over the girl of my dreams on our first date; especially since our faces were so close to each other.

She leaned back in her chair and stared at me with her big, blue eyes. She looked as though she was expecting me to say something or to do something, but I wasn’t sure what. I sat down on the other end of the table and smiled at her. She smiled back, but seemed confuse. What did she expect of me?

“Are you ready to order?” the waitress asked immediately stopping by our table.

“Yes,” I answered and gave my order.

The waitress looked at my date expectantly.

“Uh, no… I’m not ready, sorry.” She stammered and ducked her head into the menu.

Oops. I got ahead of myself there.

“I’ll put his order in and come back.” The waitress stated.

“Wait to put my order in please!” I shouted to her, but I didn’t think she heard me.

Emily scanned the menu. Her eyes darting from one side of the menu to the next. I couldn’t tell if she was actually reading it or if she was just nervous and was giving herself something to do.

“Sorry about that.” I cleared my throat.

“That’s fine,” she didn’t bother to look up at me.

Great. I screwed it up all because I was hungry… at dinner.

“You should get the salad.” I blurted.

She slowly peeked over the top of her menu and lifted an eyebrow at me. “Excuse me?”

“It’s really good.” I shrugged. “Salads are… good.” I turned my head the other way awkwardly.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” she put her menu down flat on the table and glared at me over the candle light.

“Uh…” I stared at her with wide eyes. Was she implying that I was implying that she’s fat? Is that how girls think? How did she get that when I told her that the salad is good?

“I just meant that they have really good salads here. You don’t have to get it if you don’t want to. I just thought it might be something tasty to start off with.” I explained as best as I could hoping that wouldn’t cause her to be even more angry with me.

“You could have offered me the steak like what you’re having.” She snapped.

“But then we can’t share our food and be romantic like in Lady and the Tramp.” I smirked trying to be smooth. Girls loved Disney movies, didn’t they? They loved romantic guys, didn’t they?

She looked at me with disgust and buried her face in her menu once more.

I groaned to myself. I clearly was not doing too well.

The waitress came over and placed my food in front of me.

“It’s here already?” I exclaimed.

The waitress didn’t answer and turned to my date.

“I’ll have the spaghetti.” She ordered.

“So you do like Disney.” I confirmed.

Emily stared at me as though she thought I was an alien.

“Never mind,” I took a bite out of my steak.

Emily stared at me with her mouth slightly gaped open. She furrowed her eyebrows at me into a glare, but I didn’t notice until I shoved the fifth piece of steak into my mouth.

“Oh…” I swallowed a mouthful of meat, “did you want me to wait until your food comes out?”

“No, by all means.” She said with no emotion.

“Okay,” I shrugged and continued eating. “I mean, it’s in front of me and who knows how long it’s going to take for your food to come out. I don’t want my food to get cold.”

She leaned back in her seat folding her arms across her chest. She turned the other way not looking at me. I sensed that she was feeling annoyed by something, but I didn’t understand what. She couldn’t expect me to wait for her food to come out… then mine wouldn’t taste good. She should have just gotten the salad like I recommended.

The moment I finished my steak was the moment the waitress brought out Emily’s food. She turned to me and took out her notepad and pen once more.

“Dessert?” she looked at me.

“Oh, no thanks. I’m stuffed. We’ll just have the check.” I smiled and she walked away.

I looked at Emily, who was glaring at me from across the table.

“Oh… you didn’t want dessert, did you? That looks like a lot of spaghetti. You might get too full.” I don’t know why I kept talking.

She glared at me harder.

Did she think that I just tried to call her fat again?

The waitress brought over the check.

I picked it up and put down the exact change plus a small tip. Then I leaned back in my chair and shrugged.

“Take your time. I’m in no hurry.” I stated.

Emily pushed her plate out of the way and wiped her mouth with her napkin. “I think I just lost my appetite.”

“Oh, okay.” I stood up not thinking anything of it. “Are you ready for the movies?”

“Actually, I think I just want to go home. I’m not feeling all that well.” Emily stated.

Well, that was pretty convenient for her.

“Okay, I’ll drive you home and see if my friend wants your ticket.” I whipped out my cell phone and then immediately put it away before doing anything. I noticed her staring at me and if looks could kill, then I knew I would be dead at that very moment.

I smirked at her and then lead the way out of the restaurant. It was a long drive home. What in the world was wrong with me tonight?

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

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Via Goodreads

Via Goodreads

Summary (from Goodreads):

Bennie is an aging former punk rocker and record executive. Sasha is the passionate, troubled young woman he employs. Here Jennifer Egan brilliantly reveals their pasts, along with the inner lives of a host of other characters whose paths intersect with theirs. With music pulsing on every page, A Visit from the Goon Squad is a startling, exhilarating novel of self-destruction and redemption.

This book is amazingly popular and well-known. Of course, I had never heard of it before until I had to read it for school.

Despite the awards its won, I have to say that I was not impressed. It was a hard book to grasp. The parts I did understand were pretty good and it was uniquely written to say the least.

However, that’s where it went wrong–the writing style.

Out of 13 chapters, three are written in first person, one is written in second person, and the rest are written in third person limited. It doesn’t follow just two characters, though. Each chapter is a different character making it all the more confusing.

Plus, one chapter is written with a lot of dialogue, but no quotation marks. It was by far the most difficult chapter to read. That chapter was in first person and the name of the character wasn’t mentioned for a very long time so I had no idea who I was even reading as.

One chapter is over 70 pages long because each page is set up like a Power Point slide. You have to turn the book the long way to read it and each page has explanations or charts or webs. It was as though I was reading a school project, but it was still the story.

Another chapter was written as a newspaper article; footnotes included. The footnotes took up half the page making them their own mini chapter within the main chapter.

Sound confusing? Trust me, it was.

The worst part was the first chapter was absolutely amazing! It was written in third person limited and we followed a character at her therapy session because she’s a kleptomaniac. It was well written and intriguing. That chapter made me feel as though I would really enjoy the book. However, we never got to really read her story again because the rest of the chapters followed other characters. I call it the decoy chapter.

So, considering this “review” turned more into a rant, I guess you all know what rating this book is going to get from me.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan gets 2 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote:

“I’m always happy. Sometimes I just forget.” –Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad

Be sure to check out my Goodreads page!

Writing Talks


Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Inspiration Explanation


For those of you who read my March: Inspiration Board post two days ago, I wanted to explain further on some of my Pinterest boards and why those things inspire me to be who I am today.

It’s one thing for me to give you a link to my Pinterest and say, “These are all the things I enjoy. I hope you enjoy them, too!”

However, it’s another thing for me to say, “I pinned this because…”

I have a Writing board. I don’t know if you guys know this, but if I didn’t write I would go insane. I need my imaginary friends and I need to go to new places and be in different situations, real or fiction. I also have a Reading board. That inspires me to write. It inspires me to create my own worlds and create my own characters for others to love and enjoy. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand and one inspires me to do the other.

I have a Sunday School board. I am a teacher and the director of my church’s Sunday school. I love teaching to no end and while I don’t particular enjoy going to church (I can’t sit still long enough to get through an hour-long service), I love broadening the horizons of the church’s children. Because I’m just teaching them about God, Jesus, and the Bible, I’m teaching them about life.

Speaking of, I also have a Teaching board. I’ve been teaching preschool for four years and I can’t imagine myself not waking up in the morning to not see those kids every day. I have to ability to teach them a lot and I learn a lot from them, as well.

There are many different TV shows and movies that inspire me as well. Once Upon A Time, The Lord of the RingsHarry PotterPsych, and many more. I have boards for each of those. The characters are amazing and the writers are brilliant.

The same goes for video games; especially The Legend of Zelda and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I hope to be able to write stories just as well as these game and the movies/shows mentioned above.

I obviously can’t explain all 93 boards to you, but those are the main ones. Those are what make me who I am today and I’m always going to keep growing into someone better. Now you guys know me a little bit better.

I hope you guys are inspired by a lot of things in the world just like I am.

Camp NaNo: Prep Checklist


Camp NaNoWriMo starts one week from today!

–Do you know what you’re going to write/edit?
–Do you have an (optional) outline?
–Are you in a cabin with others?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, or you’re unsure, then you should probably stop reading this and get to work.

One more week… seven days… are you ready?

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