Guest Post Opportunities


Calling all guest bloggers here! I would love to have you on my blog.

SLOTS FOR 2017 ARE CURRENTLY OPEN. Dates are listed at the end of this post.

What You Should Know…

1. Topics include, but are not limited to…

2. A guest post is not an advertisement for yourself, blog, or anything you’re selling. The post will give you great exposure, but the article itself should be informative and entertaining to my readers.

3. Your guest post should be original, written by you, and exclusive for my blog. I cannot allow re-posts of articles you’ve already published on your own blog or elsewhere. It messes up the SEO and your articles should cater to my blog and my readers.

4. Each article length is recommended to be between 300 and 1,000 words. Be sure to give your article an appropriate title.

5. I will assign a date for each guest who wants to participate, asking if you can write your article within a certain amount of time (it will most likely be at least a month in advance).

6. Guest slots are first-come, first-serve. So your article may not be posted for a few months.

7. When sending articles, please make sure they are polished and proof-read. I will give each article a quick read before posting it, but if it needs a good edit I’ll send it back to you. If I find one or two typos here and there, I’ll take it upon myself to fix them for you.

When Contacting Me, Please Include…

1. Topic your article is about (see above list). If you have a different topic in mind, feel free to ask below in the comments. Just please keep in mind this blog is about reading and writing.

2. Your article copied and pasted into the comment box on the contact form. Please include your word count.

3. With your article, send me links to your blog/website and social media. Recommended, but optional: you may send a brief bio of yourself as well. This information will allow my readers to find you potentially giving you new followers and more exposure. Without this information, I won’t include an “About” section at the end of your post.

4. Optional: an image or two to go along with your article. (I will create a header image for the article.)

How To Contact Me…

1. Go to the Contact Me page on my blog and fill out the form. Remember to include everything listed above.

2. Unless I have a very good reason not to, I promise to respond to every pitch whether I accept it or not.

3. If two (2) weeks pass by and you still have not heard from me, feel free to pitch again in a new e-mail. You may also mention that it’s the second time you’re sending it so I may give you priority before the others. Meanwhile, if you pitch the same article multiple times during the week, I may not bother to respond to you at all (which would be my “very good reason” stated on point #2).

I’m Available For Guest Blogging, Too!

Are you looking for guest bloggers on your own website? I’d be more than happy to contribute!

Not only do I write about writing, reading, and blogging, but I also talk about subjects such as early childhood education, special education, Christian education, video games, and more.

Check out some guest posts I’ve already done:

Closet Readers
The Eternal Scribbler

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Just Contact Me!

Any Questions?

If you have a question or need something to be cleared up, feel free to ask in the comments below. Chances are some people might have the same question as you.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Please note that at any time this page can be updated and guidelines can be changed at my discretion. Thank you.


2017 Posts

January 5 — Moved
January 17 — Cancelled
February 14 — Reed R. Buck 
February 23 — Ruby
March 14 — Yecheilyah
March 23 — Thompson Crowley
April 6 — Robert Sanasi
April 11 — Chris Long
April 20 — Heena Rathore P.
April 24 — Jasmine Farrell
May 16 — Jennie Fitzkee
May 25 — Robert Kirkendall
June 8 — Pending
June 13 — Aayush
July 11 — Open
July 20 — Open
August 15 — Open
August 24 — Open
September 12 — Open
September 21 — Open
October 10 — Open
October 19 — Open
November 14 — Open
November 23 — Open
December 12 — Open
December 21 — Open

2016 Posts

January 12 — Rollan Wengert
January 18 — Nthato
January 21 — Herminia Chow
February 16 — Rosie Amber
February 22 — Nthato
February 25 — Charli Mills
March 15 — All of the Prompts
March 21 — Nthato
March 24 — Nimue Brown
April 12 — Kris Poli
April 18 — Nthato
April 21 — Gwen
May 17 — Phyllis Ring
May 26 — Kristen Poli
June 14 — Aidan Reid
June 23 — Nicolette Stephens 
July 12 — Hugo Esteban Rodriguez
July 21 — Al Lane
August 16 — Charles Yallowitz
August 25 — Herminia Chow
September 13 — Topaz Winters
September 22 — Nthato
October 11 — Sacha Black
October 20 — Skye Hegyes
November 15 — Phyllis Edgerly Ring
December 13 — Iridecence (part one)
December 22 — Iridecence (part two)


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