Short Story Sunday

Short Story Sunday 297: Point

Owen pointed at her with both of his index fingers. He wagged them back and forth but nothing was coming out of his mouth. Sienna folded her arms over her chest and stared him down. She knew he didn’t...


Short Story Sunday: “Bell” [312]

Whenever the bell rang, that meant everyone had to go back to their dorm rooms. Wren was in the middle of a training session when the bell rang for the third time that day. She groaned and her instructor...


Short Story Sunday: “Clock” [311]

“It’s stuck at 9:03 am. Can we assume that’s the time of death?” Evelyn, with latex gloves on her hands, tapped the face of the wrist watch with the tip of her finger. “Maybe, though it also could have...

Short Story Sunday 299: Noble

Jack was a noble man. He had always been honest and decent in whatever he did. He was brave and unselfish. So, when Charlotte awoke in the middle of the night to find his side of the bed empty,...

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