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I only accept book requests from SEPTEMBER 1 to MARCH 31.

I am currently OPEN to pitches and recommendations for book reviews.

You Should Know…

1. I post book reviews every Saturday all year round. During July and August, I post book reviews on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

2. The books I read are given to me as gifts, I buy myself, or are borrowed from my local library or friend. I do accept review copies from authors, publishers, and publicists.

3. There are no “bad books,” but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. All reviews will be honest, but fair. I review all books I accept, so if I don’t particularly care for a book I will fairly explain why.

4. I have the right to decline review offers, but I will respond to every request I receive. If you do not hear from me within two (2) weeks, feel free to contact me again and let me know it’s the second time you’re reaching out to me. I do get a lot of emails and some messages get lost in the crowd.

5. I’m open to reading most genres, but the genres I’m most interested in are as follows:

  • Young adult fiction
  • Middle grade fiction
  • Mystery
  • Memoir
  • Please note: I will not accept any erotica or explicit genres. It’s just not my cup of coffee.

6. I suggest looking at my Goodreads page or Reading List to see what kinds of books interest me.

7. In addition to my blog, I will post the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Reviews from my blog will also be posted on my Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram.

8. Reviews may take up to a couple of months to be posted depending on how many books I have in my queue. With that, if the book is an ARC or has a deadline, please let me know right away and I’ll try to work something out.

9. If requesting a review from me, all I ask for is a free copy of the manuscript. I do not sell, loan, or giveaway any review copies I receive, nor do I accept payment for review copies.

If You’re an Author, Publisher, or Publicist…

1. I accept and prefer .MOBI files. However, I will accept PDF files as well.

2. I accept self-published books, indie books, and books from small and large publishing companies.

3. I mention in my reviews how I receive all my books. I will note I “received a free digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.”

4. At the end of each review, I will add a quick blurb about the author. (Please note: I will only do this if social media links and a brief bio is given to me when contacting me about a review.)

5. In each review, I will discuss the cover design, my first thoughts before reading, the plot, characters, writing style, and then a conclusion. I’ll also add my rating system (see below) as well as my favorite quote from the book. Please take a look at previous book reviews I’ve done to get a feel for how I do things.

6. Please use the contact form below to pitch a book. Otherwise, the request will be overlooked. Please remember you’re pitching me your book. This does not mean I will definitely accept the book to be read and reviewed.

When contacting me, please include…

  • Title and author
  • Genre
  • Publication date
  • A summary
  • Why you chose me to read and review your work

If accepted for review, I will ask for…

  • An image of the book cover
  • A free .MOBI or PDF file of the manuscript
  • All buy links for the book, including Goodreads
  • Optional: Links to the author’s website and social media
  • Optional: A brief bio of the author and a .JPEG image of the author
  • Please note if I do no receive the optional author bio and links, there will be no “About the Author” at the end of the review

After The Review Goes Live…

1. I will send you an email letting you know the review is live with a direct link to it.

2. In addition to my blog, the reviews will also be posted on my TwitterTumblrPinterest, and Instagram.

3. I ask that you to share the book review around and encourage you to post it all over your own social media. This will be the best way for you to gain more exposure.

4. Please feel free to check back periodically to read and answer any comments the review may get.

Rating System

I will rate every book I review using the five-star rating system:

Book Review Rating System | 5 Cups of Coffee | RachelPoli.com5 Cups
I absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend the book.

Book Review Rating System | 4 Cups of Coffee | RachelPoli.com4 Cups
I liked it. I would recommend the book.

Book Review Rating System | 3 Cups of Coffee | RachelPoli.com3 Cups
It was okay. I may recommend the book.

Book Review Rating System | 2 Cups of Coffee | RachelPoli.com2 Cups
I didn’t like it, but I could tolerate it. I would not recommend the book.

Book Review Rating System | 1 Cup of Coffee | RachelPoli.com1 Cups
I didn’t like it at all. I would not recommend the book.

Contact Me

After you’ve read the above information and have explored book reviews I’ve done in the past, please use the contact form below if you’re an author, publisher, or publicist and would like me to review your book. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Last updated: December 30, 2017


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