My Writing Schedule For November

In October, I had created a new schedule for myself. I created a calendar-like template on Word and color-coded it for everything I need to do – writing, blogging, filming, reading, etc. Some days it worked, others it didn’t. October was pretty busy and plans change some days, but that’s okay. It worked enough and I decided to do the same for November, especially with it being NaNo. Because of NaNo, I tweaked my writing schedule a bit. So, here’s my writing schedule for November.

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I know people tell you to write every day. When you work on multiple projects like I do, writing every day is a good idea so you can give everything a fair amount of time. I try to take a day off though. Sundays are usually those days. I have church in the morning and then Kris and I spend the afternoon blogging (and I work on Sunday school stuff as well).

Since it’s NaNo though, I made time to get a little writing time in during Sundays. I blocked off two hours in the afternoon from noon to two to get some writing done. If I’m focused enough, I can bang out 2,000 words in an hour. So two hours is plenty for me to write my minimum of 2k-plus.

Monday – Friday

I’m an early bird and I do my best work in the morning. My brain is the most awake at that time and it’s quiet as everyone is either still sleeping or getting themselves ready for work. It’s just me, my coffee, and my words.

So, during the week, I blocked off two hours every morning from six to eight. I’ll admit, some mornings I tend to sleep in more than planned. Even if I only have seven to eight to write, I still hit my word count, so it works.


This is the easiest day to get some writing done. Sometimes I have family events on Saturday, but most of the time Kris and I head to Barnes & Noble in the mornings. We get a coffee and write. Or sometimes we blog, but mostly we write.

The bookstore opens at nine, so I scheduled myself to write from nine to noon, which is three hours. Most of the time, there’s no distractions, so it works. Now I have a new laptop too so I can take it with me instead of having to write on my iPad.

15 Hours A Week

15 hours a week is spent on my writing. This includes editing and the like. If I get in the mood and find extra time, I definitely write more. I like blocking off certain times to write because I’m slowly training my brain to write each day at specific times. It’s working so far, anyway.

Do you have a writing schedule? For NaNo or all the time? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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What To Do

I Have Been Getting Absolutely Nothing Done….

Also, this is my last week of classes for school and finals are next week. Granted, I only have one test, but that test is stressing me out big time. On top of that, I’m trying to figure what I’m doing for school next semester since I graduate this month. I got into a school and had a plan, but I have changed my mind. Now I have to start the process all over again. That’s a pain in the butt, too.

At the moment, I am writing four novels at once. All of them go together and three of them are not to be published. Although, who knows? If The Blank Page series kicks off pretty well whenever I get that published, I may publish the characters’ books just as a side series. So I have been working bit by bit on that.

However, I have been in the mood to edit my novels instead of writing new ones. Believe me when I say that this never happens. I hate editing with a burning passion and usually when I finish a novel, I set it aside only to be dug up again in a few years and say, “Hey, I remember this!” And then it gets buried again…

But a couple of months ago…well, I think it was back in March, I decided that I was going to set up a writing schedule for myself. This is how it goes:

January — Write
February — Write
March — Edit
April — Camp NaNo
May — Write
June — Edit
July — Camp NaNo
August — Write
September — Write
October — Edit
November — NaNo
December — Write

All the months before the NaNo months are editing months to make sure that I don’t start something new and “cheat” at NaNo. Also, notice that this is only three months. Again, I hate editing.

I started this back in March, except I wrote instead of edited because my flash drive was broken. I have two novels to edit because I had printed them out before my flash drive broke, but I either didn’t think to edit those two novels or I just ignored the fact that I was able to edit them…who knows? My point is that for 2013 I may switch the months of March and May. I wrote in March so I think I’m going to edit in May. I’m probably going to switch back and forth between editing and writing The Blank Page. Then in June I will try to strictly edit.

The thing is that summer is nearly here and I want it to be a good one. So far, 2013 has been promising. I have been keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions (which never happens) and I have been doing great on my writing. I want the summer to be just as good since I won’t have school and I won’t have work. I’ll be babysitting a lot, but I kind of need to make some money, right? But it will still give me a lot more time to write instead of writing around school and work. Plus, half of the time I’ll be watching my cousins and they’re older, so it’s not like they don’t know how to entertain themselves and I have to keep an eye on them at all times.

But this summer I really want to finish editing something. I have two children’s picture books that are completed…edited and all. I sent Asking Bobby to a publisher about a month ago. They said if I don’t hear back within 30 days, I should e-mail them…which I still have to do. There’s another publisher that I really like, but they only take exclusive manuscripts. So I’m going to send Ashley’s Day at the Aquarium there and send Asking Bobby to a bunch of other places. If I get all rejections, I’ll swap the two. Make sense?

In the meantime, I’m going to be editing Diary of a Lover. My goal is to have that novel completely edited and ready to be published by the end of the summer. Then during the school year I can send that novel to places, as well. While I wait for those three books to get accepted, I can continue writing other things.

The reason I’m planning on editing Dairy of a Lover before Hunter is because I have edited Diary of a Lover before. I’m in the middle of the seventh draft (believe it or not) whereas I have not even glanced at Hunter since I finished it. I finished it back in 2011, I think. Wow, right?

So that’s that. That’s all of my plans and I pray to God that they follow through…or that I keep up with them.

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