Habits of Famous Writers

I found this infographic on Pinterest and found it interesting.

It lists many habits of different authors and shows what you have in common with those writers based on your own habits.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
What are my habits?

I’m definitely a morning writer. I get up at 4:30 in the morning, make my cup of coffee, and start writing at 5. I don’t stop until 6 so I can get at least an hour in for the day.

I’m a coffee drinker. I wish I enjoyed tea, but I don’t. I don’t even like the way it smells.

I’m a fast writer. I write about 2,000 words a day. When I don’t have work or babysitting, I can write up to 10,000 words (if I’m focusing really hard).

I love both dogs and cats. However, I have a dog and a cat in my house and it seems as though Chip (the dog) is Kris’s partner in crime and Hunter (the cat) is mine. Every morning, Hunter makes my coffee with me (I’ve gotten good at making coffee one-handed because Hunter likes me to hold him while it brews) and then he comes into my office with me and sleeps as I write in the morning. Chip is (usually) sleeping in bed with Kris.

I like to sit or lie down as I write. I don’t really understand how someone can write and move at the same time… Unless you’re using that Dragon program or recording everything.

What are your writer habits?