Would You Rather Book Edition

I haven’t done a Would You Rather game in a while. I figured, why not do another one?

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Would You Rather Have The Ability To Buy Unlimited eBooks Or Have a $10,000 Gift Card To Any Bookstore?

Give me that money! I enjoy both physical books and my Kindle, but I love being able to hold the actual book in my hand. Books may not be cheap, but I could still buy a ton with $10,000. My only issue would be that the Barnes & Noble near me also sells puzzles, board games, and Pokemon cards… I could buy a lot of Pokemon cards with $10,000.

Would You Rather Attend Hogwarts Or Live In The Shire?

I mean, this is a super tough one. I would love to go to Hogwarts and be a wizard but also the Shire calls to me. Hobbits sing the song of my people. They eat all day, they live in peace and harmony, and they look like me… minus all the hair. So, I think I would have to go with the Shire.

Would You Rather Write The World’s Number One Best-Seller Or Live Inside Your Favorite Book?

Even though most books have a happy ending and my favorites do, I think I would like to write a best seller. If I lived in my favorite book I’d go on one adventure. But if I could write many books – even if only one is a best seller – I could go on many adventures.

What are your answers to these questions? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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Would You Rather (For Readers)

I love the game Would You Rather and have played it a couple of times on my blog. Last month I did a Writer’s Edition of the game. This time I’m doing one for readers.

I’m not tagging anyone in this, but feel free to answer these questions on your own. Be sure to link back to me because I would love to see your answers!


Would you rather only be able to read stand-alone novels, or always have to be reading books part of a series?

It depends on what the story is and who the author is, but I think I’d have to go with series. I feel like there aren’t many standalone novels anymore because books just get so popular. If I like a set of characters, then I definitely want to read more. So I’m going to have to say series with this one.

Would you rather only be allowed to read print books, or ebooks?

Print books. While ebooks are always at your fingertips, easier to bring with you, cheaper, and easier to buy instantly, I would miss that paper and ink smell. And the satisfaction of turning those pages and listening to them crinkle.

Would you rather never be able to re-read books, or only be allowed to read five new books per year?

This one was tough, but I have to go with only being able to read five new books a year. There are so many books I’ve read in the past that I would love to re-read. Plus, if I could never read Harry Potter or Warriors again, I think I’d be sad.

Would you rather read 50 pages a day, or only five books per month?

50 pages a day. You can easily read more than five books a month, depending on the length of the books. But I think it’s important to get into the habit of reading a little bit each and every day. And honestly, it’s not about how much you can read in a month. Just read because you enjoy it.

Would you rather read only one genre all the time, or read every genre except your favorite?

All genres except my favorite. Why? Because I think there’s a little of every genre into every book. My favorite is mystery, but there’s mystery in so many novels and genres that I think I would be satisfied either way.

What are your answers to these questions? Do you agree with me or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

In other news, I’ve challenged myself to read five books between Sunday, February 19 and Sunday, February 26. Feel free to join me and check out my daily updates on Twitter, Tumblr, and my Bookstagram!

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Would You Rather (For Writers)

I’ve played a few Would You Rather games here on the blog. It’s a fun game and I decided to come up with one on my own.

Unlike most of these kinds of posts, I won’t be tagging anyone to participate. However, feel free to answer these questions on your own blog if you would like. If you do, be sure to link back to me–I would love to see your answers!


Would you rather go on a writing retreat in the middle of nowhere with no wi-fi, or in your home office being interrupted every so often by friends and family?

I’d rather be home getting interrupted. People bother me, but I think I couldn’t handle not being able to blog or check my e-mail. Plus, I would miss my family and friends. I do occasionally socialize. (Aren’t you proud, Mom?)

Would you rather publish one best-selling novel and never write again, or publish multiple novels that either don’t sell well or sell average?

Multiple novels, definitely. I’d rather be writing for the rest of my life, even if I needed a day-job to continue it.

Would you rather be a best-seller with your real name and people stopping you everywhere you go, or a pen name no one knows who you are?

I’d rather use my real name. Not that I want to be bothered by everyone all the time, but I would like to be recognized for my work. As long as it’s in a good way.

Would you rather teach English/creative writing high school classes, or college classes?

College. I feel like there would be more creative freedom with that.

Would you rather only be able to write during NaNoWriMo months (April, July, and November), or only be able to write five days per month?

Only during NaNo months. Those would be busy months, but it’s a total of 91 days, whereas five days a month would only give me 60 days to write.

What are your answers to these questions? Do you agree with me or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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Reader Would You Rather

I don’t know how many of these things I’ve done now. I believe this is the fourth one.

I was tagged by Jasmine this time. She created a new Reader’s Edition of this game.

So, here we go!

Would you rather: Drop your favorite book in the toilet or wood chipper?

Toilet. At least I can attempt to save it whereas it would just be a goner in the wood chipper.

Write an autobigoraphy or never be able to add aspects of yourself into your other writing?

Autobiography, hands down. I believe I’ve lead an interesting life… Maybe not to other people, but oh well. Plus I add myself into my characters all the time. I don’t know how my characters would turn out if I didn’t do that.

Read only the first page of a book or only the last page?

First page. If I read the last page, I wouldn’t know how the characters got there so the ending wouldn’t be satisfying for me. If I read the first page and I’m curious about what happens, I can just write the ending myself.

Write your next book with no music of any kind or with a soundtrack that’s not even closely related to your content?

I can do no music. I usually listen to instrumental while writing, but I can also deal with silence.

Have the ending of a book spoiled or not ever know what happens?

Spoilers. I don’t mind them. Never have, probably never will.

Read your writings to an audience of ten people who love you or to 10,000 people you don’t know?

10,000 strangers. I don’t care if they judge me and my writing. Just as long as they heckle me while I’m reading, I suppose.

Only be able to read ebooks or physical books?

Physical books. I read both formats, but I like seeing them displayed on my shelves. Books make great collections.

Only be able to write series or stand-alones?

Series. I always have new ideas in my head for my characters.

Loan your book to a careless friend or throw it off a building?

Loan to a friend. I can at least get it back and take care of it again. If I was the one to throw it off the building them I’d feel like I betrayed it and was mean to it. Objects have feelings too, you know.

Have to dog ear your pages or never remember your place in the book?

Dog ear. I don’t normally do it, but it would give the book a sense of use to it, if that makes sense. I like to keep my books as clean and crisp as I can, but I also like it when they look worn. You can tell you really enjoyed the book then.

Write a really famous book but never write a one hit again or write several great books loved by a smaller audience?

Several great books. I don’t care whether I have an audience or not (of course it would be nice to get paid!), but I love writing and wouldn’t be able to stop.

Spend a bunch of time developing characters and wing everything else or the same but with plot?

Spend a lot of time with the plot. The characters will just ignore me and develop themselves anyway.

Have to read your least favorite book monthly or never be able to read your favorite book again?

Read my least favorite book. I always tend to get something new out of it with each time I read a book or watch a movie or something. I think I would understand it more with each read and then learn to enjoy it.

Write a book without using conjunctions or have every sentence of your book begin with one?

Every sentence. Why not?

Would you rather be famous during your writing career or famous post-mortem (or after death)?

I don’t care much for the fame and glory of it all, but I think I have to say famous during my writing career. I would love to have an excuse to go on Ellen DeGeneres’s show and meet her.

And there you have it! Another Would You Rather done.

Go check out Jasmine’s answers to her own questions. I’m not going to take anyone, but if you would like to do this, feel free.

Just let me know because I would love to see your answers as well!

Would You Rather

Over a month ago, my sister Kris invited me to be a part of a writer’s edition “Would You Rather.”

I’ve done versions of this before, but these questions are different and it’s fun to do anyway!

Would You Rather Writing Edition Rachel Poli

Would you rather…

Drink coffee or tea?

Coffee, definitely!

Write a series in the same world or create a new world with every novel?

The same world. I can always expand on it and each novel can be set in a different part of the world so I’d still be creating new places as I go.

Write a short story a week or one novel a year?

Short story a week. Short stories can turn into novels. And I know it’s quality over quantity, but the first drafts of everything are terrible, so I don’t care.

Type or write longhand?

This is a tough one, but I think I’ll have to go with typing. It’s faster and my hands don’t tire as easily. Though, I do love to write longhand!

Write play scripts or comic books?

I love comic books, but I choose scripts. I’ve written a few scripts before so I have some “experience” (if you can call it that). Also, I love the idea of one of my stories being on the big screen.

Have more of an author presence on Twitter or Tumblr?

Twitter. I feel as though Twitter is more business-related while Tumblr is more silly. Though, I absolutely love Tumblr.

Use your real name or a pen name?

Real name. Though lately I’ve been wondering if I should use my initials with my last name instead of saying “Rachel Poli.” I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I actually publish something!

Have your book become a movie or a television show?

Movie. I don’t think TV show adaptations of books are all that good. Then again, most movie adaptations aren’t that great either sometimes. But I think the movies have more to work with.

Read your writing aloud to a roomful of loved ones or strangers?

Strangers. If they think my writing is horrible, that’s fine. I’ll never see them again. I can take the criticism and leave. If my family and friends were boo-ing me off the stage? Then I’d have to disown myself or something.

Write in silence or with noise/music?

I can do both, but lately I’ve preferred having instrumental music on in the background.

Have an entire fay of uninterrupted writing time or write in short bursts of time?

Short bursts of time. I need breaks. I usually write for an hour, do something else for an hour, write for another hour, etc. If I wrote all day then I’d get nothing else done.

Be a main character in a romance novel or an action novel?

Action. Though I’m afraid of my own shadow, so… Good luck with that.

Write about the past or the future?

Future. I can make stuff up!

Be the lesser-known coauthor or a bestseller or the sole author of an average-selling book?

Sole author. It would be cool to collaborate but I think I work better on my own sometimes.

Meticulously plot out every aspect of your novel or just wing it?

Winging it is fun, but I need a plan!

Feel free to answer these questions yourself! Have fun with it!

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Would You Rather: Reader Edition

Remember the Writer Edition of Would You Rather I posted a few days ago? Well, this is the Reader Edition, which was also taken from Herminia‘s blog.

Thank you Herminia for all the great blog post ideas!

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

Standalones even though I mostly read series. I think standalones are easier and less complex; especially when writing book reviews.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

I don’t understand this question. I don’t think it matters what gender the author is. Though, I will say that it’s probably easier to read a male protagonist when the author is a male and easier to read a female protagonist when the author is female.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Barnes and Noble. I can feel, smell, and thumb through the pages before I buy. Plus, I don’t have to wait for it to ship and deliver and I’m at Barnes and Noble every week.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

Movies. I think TV shows end up getting dragged on too long because of the multiple seasons.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Five books a week, hands down.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

Author. I love reading and reviewing, but I have too many stories to tell.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Bookseller. I think a lot more happens in bookstores than libraries.

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

This is tough. I guess I would go with every other genre, only because I like variety.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

I would rather physical books, but I do love both.

Again, feel free to answer these questions on your own blog and maybe come up with some new ones!

Would You Rather: Writer Edition

This was taken from Herminia‘s blog. I love the game “Would You Rather,” so how could I pass up a writer edition?

Would you rather only write standalones or trilogies?

Trilogies. I have too many ideas.

Would you rather be a professional writer or a professional blogger?

Writer. I love blogging, but I have too many novels I would love to write and get published.

Would you rather hand write or have to type for the rest of your life?

Type. It’s faster and I like the sound. Though, there is something about handwriting that just makes you satisfied and happy.

Would you rather be forced to write everything in uppercase or lowercase letters?

lowercase. it looks weird, but most of the letters still look normal because you only capitalize certain letters. THIS JUST MAKES IT SEEM AS THOUGH I’M ANGRY OR YELLING.

Would you rather only write 2 pages per day or 250 pages per week?

250 pages a week, of course.

Would you rather be traditionally published or self published?

Traditionally. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Would you rather only write in pen or pencil?

Pen. I’m picky with pencils.

Would you rather only be allowed to write at your desk or anywhere else in the world?

Desk. It makes me feel studious and homey. However, it is nice to bring my laptop over to the couch or at Barnes and Noble. A change of environment is always good and can help the creative juices flow.

Feel free to answer these questions yourself! Maybe you can even come up with some more questions.