Mystery Terms

Mystery Terms

Here are some terms to use in your mystery novels to make yourself sound like a detective.

Accessory — A person who assists in a crime

Alibi — An excuse used by an accused person to prove he or she wasn’t at the scene of the crime

Breakthrough — A big discovery in an investigation

Capital Murder — A murder that can be punishable by death

Case File — A collection of documents pertaining to a specific investigation

Deduce — Logical reasoning and thinking to infer information

Evidence — Clues to help solve a crime; can be a statement, fact, or object

Felony — A crime punishable by either death or confinement in a state correctional facility

Fugitive — A person who escapes or evades arrest or imprisonment

Homicide — The killing of a human being by another human being

Interrogate — To ask questions and get information from people about a crime

Motive — The reason a person does what he/she does

Parole — Allowing a prisoner to serve the remainder of their time outside of prison

Perpetrator — Someone guilty of a crime

Red Herring — A false clue to throw investigators off track

Suspect — Someone who might have committed a crime

Victim — A person harmed by a crime

Warrant — A written order directing someone to do something

Witness — A person who saw something related to a crime

Of course there are many other vocabulary terms to use when it comes to writing a mystery novel. This is the most I could think of that I knew exactly what they were.

I hope this helps!

March: Inspiration Board

The March #YearOfHappy was to create an inspiration board. The idea was to create an actual board and hang it somewhere where you can look and admire it every day.

I’ll admit I cheated with this one.

I decided to use my virtual board, so to speak. I add things on there all the time, so why not share it with everyone here? It has everything on there that inspires me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a board for it.

That’s right… I’m talking about my Pinterest.

I currently have 93 boards. All are things that inspire me. Here are just a few:

Writing (I have writing, research, vocabulary, names, editing, characters, and blogging)
Teaching (I have a general teaching board, plus many different units in their own individual boards, plus special education)
Sunday School
Reading (I even have a board for the books I’ve read)

Considering that I have 93 boards, that’s not even a dent. I have different video game boards like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda as well as different movies (The Lord of the Rings) and TV shows (Once Upon A Time).

All 93 boards inspire me in more ways than one. If you don’t know me personally, you would just need to look at my Pinterest profile and you’ll get to know to me in an instant.

So, if you want to see the kinds of things I love then I suggest you check out my Pinterest profile.

I add to my boards all the time and I’m sure there will be more than 93 boards in time.