Lovely Finals!

Are You Ready For This One…?

I told you all that I am in school, correct? Well, this week is finals week. I only have two finals for the five classes I am taking. Tonight I took my Algebra II final. Here’s some background info for you before I tell the story:

I got an A in Algebra II during my junior year of high school. Then, when I took my placement test when I got to college, I placed into Algebra II. This forced me to take it before I moved up in math. The professor I took it with was a doofus. He had a thick foreign accent in which I could not understand anything he said. He bellowed-no, not spoken like a normal human being-he yowled like a pack of wolves feasting on a full moon. Most people raise their voice a tad bit to emphasize a word. No, not this guy, but how could he? His voice was already at the maximum volume. Yes, this guy would stomp his foot when he emphasized a word. He stomped his foot so hard on the ground as though he was a two-year-old not getting that lollipop he so desperately wants. Also, he assigned us homework and then the day the homework was due, he taught us how to do it. I got a C- in the class. Due to being in a special program, I needed a C or above in all my classes to pass. This caused me to take it yet again. I took it online because I could not deal with another professor. I got a D that time around because my professor was anything but helpful.

So, this is my third time taking it. I took it online. The professor has been the best one I’ve had so far (although I have to say that I still don’t like her very much…) and I have my boyfriend helping me out. I picked a smart one, thank God. I have an A right now, so let’s hope that this final doesn’t bring it all the way down. If it does go way down, even if I still make it with a C, I’ll have to retake the course because (since everything was online) they will assume someone else did the course for me. Yes, I had help. No, he did not do the actual work. He taught me. Ugh. Anyway….

Now that you see my frustrations with this class, you see why I was so nervous. The test was 6-8 PM. I exited the building that the library is in. All the way down yonder straight ahead was the building that I needed to be in. It’s a less-than-five-minute walk, but it looks as though it’s ten minutes. Now it’s the end of the semester, it’s night time, no one is there. There was not one soul. The whole campus was empty. The parking lots were full, but no one was around. It was cloudy, drizzling a little bit and it was getting a little on the dark side. I slowly walk. Alone. By myself. I say to myself, out loud: “I feel like I’m in a horror movie…it’s a ghost town!” Then what do I hear? Crows. Now I really feel like I’m in a horror movie! I quicken my step and then I make it to the building. Wonderful.

I enter said building. I was due to be in room 217. I assumed that was the second floor. Where is this second floor? What floor am I on? I am in a small hallway with two stair cases; one up and one down. Well, logic says down is the basement and up would be floor one. Let’s go up. Due to the rain, my shoes squeaked. No one was around, so I walked funny up the two flights of stairs as though I was dancing because the noise made me laugh. I see a door. I peek through the door. I see room 203 across the hall. Second floor, yay! I enter the bigger hallway and look to my right. There are a few kids sitting in the hallway. They look at me. I look away and then do a double-take. No, they weren’t looking at me. They were staring at me! Why…? I don’t know. I was confused. So, I smiled and gave them one of those head-nods and walked in the opposite direction. Luckily, that was where my class was.

I enter the classroom. There are three kids there. They all stare at me. What is everyone staring at me?! “Is this the math final?” I ask a little annoyed. “Algebra II?” one of the girls respond. “Yes,” I nod. She nods.

I go in the third row all the way to the back seat. I look to my right and next to me, but two rows over, is a guy in a suit. He wasn’t bad looking, but he was all hunched over and looked like a dweeb. I look to my left. The girl who answered me was in the next row, but in the very front seat. Then there was another chick that was four rows over in a middle seat. I look straight ahead and let out an exasperated sigh as I scope out the room.

Where is the clock? I cannot be in a room without a clock. How am I supposed to know the time? This is absurd. It’s madness! Oh, there it is. It’s on the bulletin board…right. Because that’s the first place people look for a clock! Then I realize that it’s 5:35…wait, what? Why am I here so early? How did I get here so early? Whatever…but now what am I going to do as I wait…?

I try to shift my feet, but the slip causing a loud, high-pitched squeak. I giggle. I keep moving my feet to keep making the squeaking noises. I bob my head back and forth and look a little to the right and then see Mr. Dweeb next to me giving me a dirty look. I pause and slowly look the other way. Wow. I sure got on his nerves…let’s do it again!

Trying not to laugh out loud, I start shifting my feet. I have a huge grin on my face as I stare at him, but his back is turned towards me. He’s not looking. I keep shifting my feet. Well, now he’s just being boring. I keep doing it as I look over to the other side of the room and there I see the two girls both giving me nasty looks. I stop immediately. I have to admit they looked a little scary to me. Even after I stop they still glare at me. So I smiled at them. They both look away without smiling back…I think one of them rolled their eyes.

Now before I explain this I have to say one thing: even though I was squeaking my shoes on purpose, this was actually not meant to bother them. I wanted to bother them with my shoes, but when I realized they could probably jump me, I decided against bothering them. But…I just had to crack my knuckles. I had no idea that all ten knuckles would crack and they would be at once causing it to be extremely loud.

Without missing a beat, all three of them whipped their heads around and gave me the nastiest looks I had ever seen in my life. I mean…it was just hilarious. I smiled at them and I even waved, but I didn’t get much of a response from any of them. They just looked away and then (this was an accident, too) I laughed. Out loud. One of them glanced over at me real quick, but that was it.

I have to say, I think I did pretty crappy on the test. I don’t understand how I could do something like that with all the work I have done with my boyfriend, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, good grade or bad, that math final was the highlight of my night. For that reason and also because when the test started, the proctor moved all our seats so we were closer together. Usually they move us farther a part in case of cheating, but whatever…anyway, I got to sit behind the girl who answered me at the beginning. I could tell by the look on her face that she was not amused.

I have to admit-it made me smile.

…I am so not a nice person…