Poll Results: What Will I Write For July’s Camp NaNoWriMo?

July Camp NaNoWriMo Poll Results Rachel Poli

In my May Wrap Up post, I asked you guys what I should write for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo session.

I included a fantasy novel, a romance novel, and a general young adult novel. All three are projects that I have worked on before, so I will just be adding 50,000 words to the novel.

The fantasy novel, Hunter, was what I wrote for Camp in July 2015. I also did a poll for that and Hunter won. I wrote 50,000 words, but never finished the story.

I included two other novels that I started. Neither one of them was for Camp or the November NaNoWriMo, so neither one of them is 50,000 words into the story. I think one is about 20k words in and the other is about 11k words in.

I always try to start a new project for any NaNo session, but I have so many novels that I’ve started and never finished that I thought I should be a “rebel” and work on something I’ve already started.

Hunter was my first choice, but I still wanted to include a poll to see what you guys thought. I couldn’t choose which two other novels to include, so Kris chose for me: Far Away and The Blank Page. I have to admit, I got in the mood to write The Blank Page again after re-reading some of what I wrote. There’s some funny stuff in there!

Anyway, with that long intro out of the way, here are the results:

For the second year in a row, Hunter is the winner! I will be adding another 50,000 words to the already 50k-word novel.

On the first day of the poll, Hunter was winning by a landslide. Then The Blank Page caught up and was actually winning by one or two off and on. Then they were both tied for a couple of days, both their votes going up at once. In the end, Hunter pulled through.

Thank you to everyone who voted! I really appreciate the help. Since it won two years in a row I can only hope that when the novel gets published (though probably not for a while) you guys will be thrilled and want to read it!

I’ve started a read through of what I have so far and have been making an outline of what I have so far. Then I’ll try to outline the rest of the novel for July.

The outlining shouldn’t be too bad. I already know how the novel is going to end. To be honest, this draft of the novel is actually a rewrite. I wrote this novel back in 2011, but the first draft, as always, wasn’t very good. This version is more or less the same as the original, but still vastly different.

I’m excited to dive back into the manuscript. I’ll still be working on my detective series in the meantime, but it’ll be a nice change of pace to work on something else and a new genre at that.

July will be here before we know it. Do you know what you’re writing yet? Are you planning your novel or not?

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And The Winner Is…

I received 19 votes on last week’s poll, What Should I Write for Camp NaNo. I have to say that the results were kind of close. All three novels were tied up for most of the race (which was why I spammed my social media accounts for more votes).

In the end, one did pull ahead and actually stayed in first for a while. The winner is…



The picture might be a bit hard to read, but Hunter came in first with 9 votes. Cybertra and A Job To Get Done both came in second with 5 votes each.

I have so many novels that I’ve started and never finished because new ideas always pop up in my head. These are only three of the many novels that are half-finished.

A Job To Get Done was started a long time ago at a writing session with my sister at Barnes & Noble. I forget how the idea came to me, but it was spur the moment as I couldn’t decide what to write that day. I did write it for Camp NaNo one year, but didn’t get too far. The novel only has seven pages written.

Cybertra was a novel inspired by Iron Man. I decided to write that for Camp NaNo one year and never finished. The novel has 97 pages written.

Hunter was yet another Camp NaNo novel (trust me–I didn’t think of that when I put them in the poll together… I only knew they were all started and never finished. I remembered I wrote Cybertra for Camp, but not the other two). Believe it or not, I never finished that one, either.

However, Hunter is actually already completed. It was the second novel I ever wrote and finished at 221 pages. I started writing the sequel shortly after completing only the first two chapters before I came up with the idea for George Florence.

A few people mentioned they didn’t agree with me writing Hunter because then I would be writing two series at once. I agree with that, but I need a change of pace (no offense, George!) and need to write something different. I think a month is a good enough break.

I’ve edited Hunter a few times and while editing the most recent draft I realized it needed some serious rewriting. So, that’s just what I’m going to do for Camp.

Despite it being part of a series, you guys actually picked the “easiest” one for me to write. Wish me luck!

I hope you all know what you’re writing for Camp; we have about 20 more days.

Thanks to all those who voted! I think it’ll be a great camp session!

What Should I Write For Camp NaNo In July?

Another session of Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than a month. Normally I would write the next novel to my George Florence series, but seeing that books two and three still need editing while book one needs rewriting, I don’t think I want to throw book four into the mix just yet.

With that being said, other than short stories, I haven’t written any other novels in a long time.

I have six novels completed. The genres range from fantasy, romance, general young adult, and mystery. I have many more ideas where that came from; all different genres, too.

With that being said, I’m not really sure what I want to write for Camp NaNo next month.

I want to start outlining the novel as soon as possible, but seeing as I can’t decide on what to write… You see my dilemma, yes?

I thought I would let you guys decide what I should write. How exciting does that sound?!

I’ll give you three options because I’m torn between those ones. Below are the summaries for each novel. Underneath the summaries I’m going to give quick summaries to the five titles and below that there will be a poll.

So the rules are simple: read through each summary, decide which novel you think sounds the best, and then vote on that novel on the poll. See? Easy-peasy.

I’ll most likely post which novel I’ll write on Tuesday (June 9) or Thursday (June 11) of next week, depending on how many votes I get.

Thank you guys so much in advance! I really appreciate the help!

A Job to get Done

Ruxbury is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It’s a quiet town with friendly people who all know and help one another. In such a small town with no problems, only one officer is in charge. Owen Gray, who has lived in Ruxbury his whole life, takes over as the town’s detective when the previous detective retires. His job turns out to be less than glamorous, but he makes it through each day.

Lynx is a runaway who is visiting Ruxbury for the first time in her life–as the town’s thief. When she joins a group of rogues in the middle of the woods, Lynx is assigned to Ruxbury as the common thief. Whatever her leader tells her to grab, she steals it quickly and silently with no one as the wiser.

When Owen becomes suspicious that this isn’t an act of the townspeople, he catches Lynx red-handed. It turns into a game of cat and mouse and the two grow closer all while trying to stay true to what they believe in. For Owen, it’s protecting the law. For Lynx, it’s breaking the law.


In the year 2300, androids are used to help people as butlers, maids, cooks, delivery services; anything to help the human race in a good way. Everyone loves their robots. Hannah Noel’s father is a scientist; a famous scientist. He creates the largest production of robots for their country.

When Hannah’s father dies, Hannah discovers some her father’s research to be missing. She believes him was murdered when no one else does. With the help of a few robots, Hannah jumps on the case wondering why anyone would need to kill in order to get their hands on some robotic information.

Hunter (The Hunt #1)

Cat Webber is the daughter of big-shot Charles Webber, founder and owner of X-Terminate; a company that rids of mutants off the streets to keep humans safe. Raised as a Hunter, Cat believes all mutants are bad simply because they’re different from humans. However, her morals are questioned when she gets to know some mutants; especially Brandon Hurst.

Brandon Hurst is a mutant who can teleport and bend time. He knows some secrets about X-Terminate and Charles that Cat doesn’t even know about. Cat is curious to find out what Brandon may or may not know. It’s not until she discovers her father is killing off the mutants that Cat struggles with taking her father’s orders or if she should stand up for what she believes is right.