Short Story Sunday 96

Short story sunday writing prompt

            She smelled of peaches. He didn’t know why, but that attracted him to her. He didn’t want to admit that to anyone, though. There was no way that she was going to go out with him, let alone talk to him. Or even look at him, for that matter.

Yet, he had to look at her every day.

Frank sat behind Amber in math, English, and science class every day. He didn’t have a choice but to look at her. It’s not like he would rather pay attention to what the teacher was speaking or writing on the white board in the front of the class.

Frank liked to lean forward in his seat. He always propped his head up against his arms resting of the surface of his desk. Amber always leaned back in her chair so that she could text under her desk while class was in session. Therefore, his face was always close to her.

He didn’t know if the peach smell was coming from her hair. She might have used some special shampoo. Her brunette hair with red-tinted highlights was so soft and silky every single day. Frank, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to get his dandruff to go away.

Maybe the peach smell was from her perfume. Frank breathed in through his nose and sighed happily at the thought. Peach-smelling perfume was much better than the perfume most other girls wore. In his opinion, most perfume—no, all perfume—smelled like his grandmother.

“Franklyn, what do you think about Hester Prynne’s situation?”

Frank sat up from his daze. His English teacher had a certain look on her face which meant she was only asking him because she knew he wasn’t paying any attention. He looked around at the other kids in class and noticed they all had A Scarlet Letter opened except for him.

He looked back at his teacher and shrugged his shoulders smiling sheepishly at her.

“Do you even know what her situation is…?” the teacher asked bored.

Frank looked at the back of Amber’s head. “No.” he muttered.

He didn’t know anything about her… or Hester Prynne.

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“The Blank Page” Characters

Adair’s A Freak, Justin Lives Under A Rock, And Dominic Is Actually Normal…


Can we talk about my characters for a minute? I wrote half of chapter four today and I quickly realized how…interesting (for lack of a better word) my characters are.

In chapter four, Adair bothers the two boys to read a little of their stories to each other so they can see what each other has so far. I have quickly realized that all of chapter four they’re just going to be talking about Adair’s novel. Each chapter is their next meeting, which is only an hour and a half long. With the conversation they’re having about Adair’s novel, there is no way they’re going to be able to talk about all three novels in an hour and a half. Especially since when they started talking about her novel, they already only had an hour left.

In my last post I mentioned that I might plan our their novels a little bit. Well, I forgot to do that and I remembered when I was crawling into bed. So needless to say, I never planned out their books. As I wrote chapter four, I made everything up as I went along. I had Adair read her opening sentence and ask the boys what they thought about it. Well, I can tell you what I thought about it…it was crap. I read it over and over and over again and I said to myself, “Adair is completely weird.” I wondered what goes on in her mind and then I realized…Adair is me. I’m the one who wrote that sentence for her.

Justin rewrote the sentence for her, which came out a lot better, but Adair was pissed because her sentence was 41 words long and Justin’s re-write was 24 words. Then Justin was appalled because he can’t believe her biggest concern is the word count. And Dominic is just sitting there, along for the ride because he doesn’t want to get involved because he’s smart and normal.

But then Dominic and Justin both grilled her about this novel because it is the strangest thing ever. This is what we found out about the novel: Cerridwen is the main female, Zindel is the main male, the novel is in Zindel’s POV, they live in a forest, the plot of the novel is that the forest is in trouble and Cerridwen and Zindel need to save it, Victor is the bad guy, Cerridwen has the power of earth because she apparently is not human and evolved from a plant…which is why she has vines attached to her hair, and Zindel has a power, but we don’t know what it is, yet. Completely strange/ridiculous/I don’t even know what to call it, right? So Dominic and Justin are trying to make sense of this whole novel and are hoping that she changes it drastically. I’m just sad because my mind was capable of coming up with something like this.

Then throughout the whole chapter, Justin is freaking out about the names. I had Adair use obscure names because that’s just something she would do. But Dominic keeps pronouncing them wrong and Justin is just angry because Adair has names like that when she made fun of him for naming his main character John. Plus, Justin is wondering why the bad guy, Victor, has a normal name. On a random note: Justin lives under a rock. So far throughout the novel, Adair has mentioned Mario and Princess Peach, Link and Zelda, and The Sims games. He had no idea what she was talking about for all of them. He is a 27-years-old man and has never played video games…there is something wrong with that picture.

And the chapter isn’t even over, yet…

So, like I said…interesting characters, right? There certainly is never a dull moment with these guys. I have to give them some credit though because they really are fun to write.


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