A Great Day

A Writer Needs To Keep Busy…

I did very well today! I had the entire day to stay home and just write. I wanted to get a lot of editing done on Hunter. Honestly, I didn’t get much done on that, but I was still very productive.

I started off with Hunter. I said I had an epiphany with that novel and decided to outline each chapter on individual index cards so I can play around with the chapters to re-order them. Some chapters just might have to be completely re-written. But we’ll keep it easy for now.

I added a prologue to Hunter which was great because it added some background to the marriage of Cat’s (the protagonist) parents. Her mother is dead, but the prologue shows just how much Christina and Charles were not on the same page most of the time. Plus, there’s a part in the novel where a mutant has a message for Cat and I don’t think I ever explained it…yeah. So the prologue kind of added some insight to that, as well. It’ll force me to write that message in some where. So the prologue is actually helpful. I did not add it just because I felt like making the story longer.

I then outlined chapters one, two, and three. I have the entire novel edited on a hard copy, but I’m in the middle of re-typing it all up with the new edits. I add new edits that I didn’t put on the hard copy as I type it up because it’s as though I’m going through the novel a second time. So once I finish typing a new chapter, I’ll write the outline for it. So I was going to try to outline at least up to chapter four, but…I only typed up two pages of chapter four. Oh, well.

As I was going through this, I kept getting  a lot a new ideas for the sequel, Hunted. So I decided to start writing that even though I told myself I was going to wait until Hunter was completely edited. I wrote the prologue and chapter one. I’m on page 20 with 5,775 words. I think that’s an excellent start so far.

Tomorrow I plan on at least getting through chapter four on Hunter and maybe write chapter two for Hunted. Of course, I had a large mocha frap from Starbucks to help me get through today. So we’ll see how productive I am tomorrow.

Day 6

10,002 words…


Today is June 6, 2012. It is day 6 of Camp NaNo and I am behind with 7,622 words. Of course, I could not update my word count for about two days simply because the site was being a butt. However, now that I know I can start updating my count again, I have begun writing again…well, I will begin writing again as soon as I finish this post. I also have to blame life and school because I was dumb and decided to take three courses this summer. In the long run it will be better because I’ll graduate a whole semester earlier, but right now I’m kind of regretting it because I would much rather focus on NaNo and only NaNo. August is a whole other story which we will get into when I start planning for that one.

I have until 1:30 this afternoon to write as much as I can. Tomorrow morning, my sister and I are going to go to Barnes and Noble to write for a good few hours. I plan on getting really ahead then. I will have a mocha frap in one hand and the keyboard in the other…not really, but the frap will be next to me with my mouth wrapped around the straw and my eyes on the screen while both my hands type. I’m just that good. Now tomorrow I’ll need 11,669 words. I have 7,622 now, so between today and tomorrow I have to write at least 4,047 words. I think that will be easy to do just as long as my A.D.D. doesn’t kick in and the caffeine doesn’t leave my system.

Speaking of caffeine, I was doing so well (for about a month) not having coffee. Well, (I think a week ago) I have fallen back off the wagon. On the wagon? I don’t really know.

Well, that last paragraph was irrelevant to…everything. This could possibly be because I may just slightly MAYBE be stalling from writing…does anyone remember that I was going to outline? I outlined the first chapter! That’s something. Of course, I want to continue writing, so that’s all I’ve gotten so far on the outlining and I’m already half way done with chapter two.

Usually when I write a story (especially NaNo) I tend to keep going and going until I hit the 50k mark or I finish the whole novel. My novels are usually 95% percent dialogue and while I can picture everything in my head, my readers mostly have no idea what anything looks like, where they are, or what they’re doing. I also repeat myself a lot just to boost the word count so I repeat things while wording it differently. Yet, I noticed that the majority of this novel is description and there’s not too much dialogue. I haven’t been repeating myself (yet) and I have been using much bigger words (thanks to an annoying character who is prim, proper, and mean, but unfortunately he is needed for the story). Bigger words are a big accomplishment of mine on account that my vocabulary is crap.

You know, I use the word crap a lot in my posts on here…I wonder how many times? I should tag it. <—Caffeine talking.

Anyway, good luck with the rest of Camp and I’ll check in later with you guys again!