Grammar Check: Lay vs. Lie

GC Lay and Lie

English is a pesky language with words such as there, they’re, and their, it’s and its, and a lot of other words that sound the same, are spelled differently, and have different meanings.

I’m sure most of this is easy stuff to you, but as I’ve been writing my Camp NaNo novel, Hunter, I noticed a lot of those green squiggly lines. Well… Not a lot, but more than I would like.

I also noticed that most of those lines came from two little words: lay and lie.

I type fast and therefore make a lot of typos. I don’t think these were typos. I think I wasn’t unsure of which one to put because I had to get the rest of the sentence down so I picked one at random; and most of the time it was the wrong word.


Lay means to put something down. Yet, there are different forms of the word for each tense, like so:

Present tense: Rachel lays down her laptop on her desk.
Past tense: Rachel laid down her laptop on her desk.

So, lay and laid means to put something, an object, down. It sounds simple enough.


Lie means to rest, as in you are resting.

Present tense: Rachel lies down on the couch turning on the TV.
Past tense: Rachel lay down on the couch turning on the TV.

So, lie and lay means to rest.

Did any of you catch that?

Lay has two different meanings.

You know, we have 26 letters in the alphabet and virtually no limit to how many letters get put into a word. There are so many word possibilities, yet we still choose to reuse the same ones and give them different meanings. I don’t get it.

I just got my Bachelors degree in English Studies and I just learned this. (I would like to give a shout out to Google… Thanks, Google!)

The definitions and tenses aren’t really that hard to remember or figure out, but I needed to point it out anyway. I didn’t realize I was using the same word for a completely different meaning.

English sure is a funny language.

Lost And (Hopefully) Found

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Does anyone remember when my flash drive died about a year and a half or so ago? I lost just about everything. All my manuscripts and ideas. There were a few novels I didn’t lose because they were all ready printed out, but I lost about 85% of my writing. Yeah, that was not a fun time…and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bringing that up again.

So…Camp NaNoWriMo ends in about three days. I have been writing my novel Detective Florence (Book 2). I wrote a little over 3k words yesterday bringing my to about 44k. After that, I decided to write my Short Story Sunday because it was getting late in the day and it needed to be done.

Well, I have been working so much on Detective Florence that I have been in the habit of clicking on that document when I hit the “save” button. So when I was working on my Short Story Sunday and I hit save…

Yes, I saved over my entire 150-page-44k-words-so-close-to-being-completed-for-Camp-NaNo-and-the-entire-story-line manuscript. The worst part of it is that I did not do this once, but three times. Yes, three. When my flash drive died, I had no back-ups so I got Dropbox and fairly recently got Google Drive. Every time I work on something–writing, homework, anything–I save it to all three. Therefore, when I did my Short Story Sunday, I saved it to…all three.

However, I have overcome the initial shock and sadness of this tragedy. I have been taking notes and writing the scenes as I write them on sticky notes so I have all the ideas. Plus, the story wasn’t going where I originally wanted it to go. So today I moved around some sticky notes, got rid of a few, and added new ones. The story (hopefully) will make much better sense.

Kris was good enough to get back the very first draft from when I saved it the first time, so she got me back the first 5,012 words of my story. This means I have about 45k left to write in order to validate for NaNo. With five days left (including yesterday and today), I decided I’m going to rewrite the entire novel. That’s about 10,000 words a day.

Since I all ready had the 5k I just needed to write 5k yesterday and then 10k for the rest of the month. Except I was too discouraged yesterday so I decided to start fresh today.

It took me from 8 in the morning until a little after 7 tonight, but I wrote 15,029 words. My novel is now back up to 20,041 words. I can only hope I can keep up this pace for the next three days (seriously, pray for me!).


I Need A Bigger Foot….

I’m trying to buckle down and actually get my teeny tiny foot in the door of the publishing world. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. I used to be a size 4 in kids, but when I bought shoes and sneakers a couple weeks ago, my feet shrunk to a size 2 in kids. Yeah.

Anyway, I was thinking of finally publishing something just to get my foot in the door. I think I’m going to publish just a short story or two (if the first one turns out well) instead of a full novel. I know you can set the price for something or free. Whenever I do this, I’m thinking of posting my first short story on there for free. Just so I can get the hang of things. I know nothing about business or marketing or advertising or money or…science, does that category count? See, I know nothing. Accounting! Accounting counts, right? Or would that count as money…? I’m getting off topic…

The whole point of this post is to ask for your help. I’ve looked at the Smashwords website. I’ve Googled it. The thing is, I’m not sure if half of the things I hear on Google are worthy enough to take in.

I’ve seen some blogs around WordPress talking about Smashwords and some people have some things published on there. If anyone has any information on it, any advice, please mention something on the Contact Me page of my blog. Or you could just post a comment on here if that’s easier.

Let me know your honest opinion: do you think Smashwords is good or bad? Do you have any advice for me? Do you have anything published on there? I’ve also looked into CreateSpace…if you know anything about that, that would be great, too. Which would you prefer?

I trust you guys more than Google, so any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!