5 Fun, Cozy Mugs For Readers

The holidays are just around the corner! Have you gotten your shopping done yet?

If not, here are some great mugs for readers! I’ll be honest, I want to buy them for myself.

 1. Literary Rebel Mug

“Literary Rebel: I read past my bedtime.”

This mug is so plain and simple, but it works. I like the white mugs with the black lettering that says something true and witty.

Because who hasn’t stayed up too late to finish a book they’re reading?

 2. Kindle Mug

Another simple mug, but no words are needed this time. I’ve always loved the Kindle design and never knew there was a mug for it.

Blue is my favorite color and I think that’s a pretty shade on the mug. It just seems like a nice, calming mug to use when reading.

 3. A Day Without Reading Mug

“A day without reading is like… Just kidding. I have no idea.”

Another simple one, but fancier than the last.

You should read every day. Always.

 4. Can’t Buy Happiness

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that’s kind of the same thing.”

I mean, the mug says it itself. I don’t think it’s lying either.

 5. Not Addicted To Reading

“I’m not addicted to reading… I can stop as soon as I finish this book.”

Show of hands, who has never said this before? I don’t think anyone should be raising their hands. This is certainly a mug for everyone.

Do you have any of these mugs? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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9 Gifts for Readers

Just a couple days ago, I gave you guys 9 gift ideas for writers. Pretty much all writers are readers, but there are some readers out there who are not writers.

Here’s a list gift ideas for that special reader in your life. If they write too, then that’s a bonus.

9 Gifts for Readers

First Lines Reading Mug

First Lines Reading Mug

Who doesn’t want a mug that has a ton of book quotes on them? It’s inspirational and it surrounds you with the good vibes that only books can give us. Plus, this mug is a nice size to hold more coffee!

Go Away I'm Reading Mug

“Go Away I’m Reading” Mug

If anyone interrupts you, allow this mug to kindly tell them to scram. If it doesn’t work, I give you permission to snap at them. Hey, the mug warned them and they didn’t listen.

One More Chapter Pillowcase

“Just One More Chapter” Pillowcase

How many times have we fallen asleep trying to read a book? Just tuck this under your head and you’ll be good to go!

Personal Library Kit

Personal Library Kit

How often do you allow a friend to borrow a book and don’t see it again for months? Or, better yet, you never see it again? This kit allows you to mark your books as your own making it easier to let people borrow them. I don’t know if they’re more likely to return it without losing it, but at least you’ll have this hanging over their head for a long time.

Bibliofile Reading Journal

“My Bibliofile” Reading Journal

So many books, so little time. Use this journal to keep track of the books you’ve read and what you thought of them. Sure, there’s Goodreads, but writing it all done feels a bit more official.

Super Bookshelf

Super Bookshelf

It’s a bookshelf that you tack onto your wall and looks like Wonder Woman is holding them up in the air. How cool is that? Not only does it give you a place to put your books, but it’s a cool decor as well.

Finger Bookmark

Placement Bookmark

I hate stopping in the middle of the chapter. I always forget where I am and what was going on. This bookmark helps keep your exact spot in the book, not just the page.

Reading Light

Reading Light

How often do you lie down in bed to read? Do you have a lamp near you? I don’t. This little light comes in handy and it clips right onto the book with a bendable neck to adjust where you want the light to shine.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

This is the most expensive item on this list, but it’s well worth it. This is the New Kindle, one of the earlier editions of the Amazon Kindle. This is the one I have and I absolutely love it. There’s not built-in light, but it’s a touchscreen and can hold so many books that it’s a bit dangerous. This is the perfect gift for any bookworm.

What else can you get a book lover for the holidays? Recommend books, get them a gift card to their favorite bookstore, or something simple as a cozy blanket so they can read all snuggly warm.

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