Short Story Sunday 126: First Day

            The first day of school is always the hardest, yet it’s always the easiest.

It’s hard to wake up that morning. You’ve been so used to sleeping in late all summer and now all of the sudden you’re body goes into shock from waking up at six in the morning. Sometimes you have to wake up earlier.

It’s easy to get ready that morning, though. Even though it’s the first day not too many people care about what they wear and how they look. No one is going to care about anything on the first day of school. So I just throw on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with a light sweatshirt over it. It may still technically be summer, but fall is coming up quickly.

It’s hard to walk into school on the first day of school. Even though I’ve been there before, I’m still unsure of what I’m supposed to do. I wander around the school with my schedule trying to find all my classes right before the homeroom bell rings. I’m a year older, in another section of the school. I don’t know where anything is again. I feel like a freshman all over again.

It’s easy to go to the school that morning knowing the day will go by fairly quickly. Once I walk through the front doors and I’m overwhelmed by the size of the interior (like I was last year and every year to come) I can wander around freely. I may not know where my new classes are, but I remember where my old ones were.

It’s hard when I actually sit in my classes. I don’t know what to think of my new teachers. Will they be strict? Will they act like a friend? How is the homework load going to be? Is the class itself going to be hard? The teachers pass out syllabi so we know what to expect. I read each syllabi over not comprehending anything at all.

It’s easy sitting in the classes at the same time because even though the teacher is going over what we’ll be learning, I don’t essentially have to do anything. Sometimes they make us play a dumb ice breaker game, but I can handle that for a little while.

It’s hard going from class to class and then realizing that none of my friends are in any of my classes. Who am I going to talk to? Who am I going to pass notes to in the middle of class? Who am I going to call when I’m stuck on a homework assignment?

Yet, it’s easy in between each class when I pass by my friends here and there in the hall. Then there’s lunch where we all sit together, laugh, and gossip.

Day one is down. There’s only 179 more days to go. Except they’ll be a bit harder.

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Homework, Homework, Homework…


It’s day two of classes and I have a good amount of homework so far. And this is only two classes. My other class meets on Mondays, but I don’t think I’ll have too much homework for that class, anyway. Science is only seven assignments for the whole semester, so I could sit down and do those all that once if I really wanted to…and I just might. It will be one less thing that I will have to worry about this semester.

Anyway, I’m telling you this because I did not write at all yesterday. I was in class from 10:30-2 and then I had work at 2:30-5. I did really well. The first day of classes went good, work went good…but it was a long day. I was fine and then as soon as I stepped into work I immediately became drained…and I didn’t even do anything with the kids, yet. But that was alright because they all got picked up early, so I wasn’t complaining.

Today I had class 9-10:15. It was math, so it was boring and horrible. I have the same professor as last semester, so I know that I’m going to be suffering a lot in that class because she does not know how to teach. Anyway, I’m waiting for my friend to get out of class so we can go home and relax a bit before we have work.

But here’s the plan for today: I’m at school until 11:45, which is when my friend’s class ends, and then I have work 2-5ish again. Random ti-bit about my work: we close at 5:45, but all the kids we have this year get picked up really early. We leave when the last kid leaves, so I end up getting out of work between 4:30 and five. That’s why I tell people that I work until 5ish. But I still get paid until 5:45, which is nice.

Back on topic: I’m at school for another half hour or so and then I have work 2-5. I’m probably going to try to get some homework done in between that. After work I’m going to try to get some more homework done again, depending on what I don’t have done already. After all of that, I’m going to try to get an hour of writing in.

Tomorrow I have school and no work, but I’m going out to eat with the people I work with, so tomorrow is going to be hard trying to write, as well. We’ll have to wait and see how that goes…right now I’m just trying to focus on today.

So tomorrow I will either post again about not writing tonight/tomorrow or that I did write tonight/tomorrow! The suspense is going to kill you, I know.


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