February Wrap Up

February goals wrap up


I read a total of five books this month. One more than my goal.

For an updated list of the books I read and reviewed (not all reviews are posted yet), check out my Reading List.


I planned on typing up the next draft to George Florence this month, but I ended up not doing that. I want to edit, add, and delete as I type the new draft. So I did research instead. I have to say, the research helped wonders. In fact, I still have a little more research to do.

I didn’t submit to a contest this month. I was too wrapped up with George Florence so I kind of forgot about it. But there’s always next month.


I wanted to get most of my March blog posts done. I didn’t. But I got a good chunk of them done anyway. I also started commenting on more blogs as well.

If you would like to be part of my blog, go check out the Be a Guest Blogger page. I’d love to have you! Also, if you need a book review done or just have a book recommendation for me, check out my Book Review Policy page.


February was a good month. It went by too quick, but I got a lot done considering it’s a shorter month than the rest.

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How was your February?

February Goals

February 2016 Goals


I’ve been zipping through books lately so my reviews are a bit behind considering I only post reviews once a week. So here’s a list of books that will be reviewed this month…

1. The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly Ring
2. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
3. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
4. The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

Here’s a list of books I will be reading this month…

1. Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
2. Beginning of a Hero by Charles E. Yallowitz
3. Confessions of A Murder Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
4. Glass by Ellen Hopkins

This list is subject to change depending on what I feel like reading at the time.


1. Type up the next draft of George Florence — I need to make some notes and do a lot of research for the second draft.
2. Short pieces — submit to at least one contest or magazine


1. Continue to post daily
2. Comment on more blogs — I always have such a hard time finding time for this. I need to make a better effort.
3. Write March posts

One month of 2016 is down. 11 more to go.

What are your goals for February?

Six On The Sixth: Love

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

First Sight
Our eyes met, it was love.

First Date
We dined, we danced, we laughed.

First Kiss
Tired of waiting, I leaned in.

First Anniversary
Quiet, relaxing evening of being together.

First Child
A boy who looks like daddy.

First Grandchild
We must have done something right.

Day Three

27 More Days….

SnackYou see that picture up there? Yes, that is s’mores. Two s’mores! With coffee in a Tinkerbell mug! I know what you’re thinking: “coffee with s’mores? Is she for real…?” Well, my friends, this is why everyone tells me that they cannot wait until I get pregnant.

This is what I ate earlier while I was writing. I went to school, wrote, went to work, and then wrote some more. It was a productive day, I think.

Today I wrote a total of 4,434 words. Saving Each Other and my Camp NaNo stats are now up to 13,419 words. According to the stats, I am going to finish on April 12 at the rate I am going. Of course, I wrote over 6,000 words on the first day and I kind of want to break that record. I wrote 20k in two days about a week ago, I want to see if I can do that again.

Oh, and get this: you know how I’m trying to write 365,000 words by the end of 2013? That means I have to write 1,000 words a day. I was way behind in that goal because I forgot about it, I didn’t have time, whatever you want my excuse to be. Right now I should have about 93,000 words because 31 days (January) plus 28 days (February) plus 31 days (March) plus 3 days (April so far) equals to 93. Scroll down and look how many words I have right now. Yep, that’s right. I win. 😀 Granted, I still have about eight months to go, but…we can gloat for now.

I have also been thinking more and more about that vlog portion of Spilled Ink. I’m going to get started on it soon. I just have to figure out a few things. When I’m going to do it, how often I’m going to do it, how I’m going to do it, etc. However, it should hopefully be coming soon. I plan on having a lot of fun with a vlog.

I don’t think I really have anything else to say right now. Basically tomorrow is another day and I hope to get lots of stuff done. If you’re doing Camp, comment with your word count! 🙂


2013: 95,198/365,000 Words Written
2013: 1,749/18,250 Pages Read



This, That, And The Other…


Well, it has been almost (ish) a month since I have posted on here. I remember that my last post I mentioned that I was going to write all weekend (because we had that blizzard) and that I would post again right after the weekend. That went well, didn’t it?

Actually, it did. I wrote during the weekend. I didn’t write as much as I wanted to do and I certainly didn’t write as much as I had the time for, but something is better than nothing, right?  I have been writing off and on since then. I’m working on a new novel. Yes, another new novel. I’m not working on The Blank Page anymore. Since I lost my flash drive, I haven’t really been encouraged to write anything that I had already started.

This novel is called Take Over. I thought of the idea while I was at work and then forgot about it. Then while I was in the shower a couple of days later, I thought of it again and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I came up with ideas and characters and everything. It was a fun shower.

I’ll post the summary to this novel at a later time, but the basic of it is that a group of high school students plan take over the school. Not in a mean, bad way, but only because they’re seniors and they want to leave the school as “legends.” They don’t mean anything bad by it, but it soon gets a little out of hand and it’s a riot…teachers versus students. This is what I have been writing lately and it’s coming along quite nicely. I’ll get into more details about the characters and such later, as well.

I decided to switch up my New Year’s Resolution a bit. I decided that I’m going to try to write at least 1,000 words a day. So I should have about 365,000 words by the end of the year. So by the end of February I should have about 59,000 or something like that. Since I wrote a lot of The Blank Page, I’m going to include that word count because I did write it during 2013. So that, (plus what I have for Take Over so far) equals to 27,802 words. A bit behind, yes, but I think I can do it because I don’t usually end up writing just 1,000 words at a time.

I have 12,663 words for Take Over and 21 pages. Hopefully it keeps up going at the rate it’s going. 😉


2013: 27,802/365,000 Words Written
2013: 932/18,250 Pages Read