New Chapter

I have written plenty of posts where I discuss how plans change, schedules are disrupted, and routines need a break once in a while.

Yesterday was voting day so I had the day off from work. I was excited because I wanted to spend the day relaxing, reading, and writing.

Yesterday was March first, so it was a new month as well with new goals. I didn’t have to babysit either so I had the entire day to myself.

Well, as we all know, plans do indeed change and sometimes they change completely unexpectedly.

My sister wasn’t due to have her baby until March 7 and they always say the first child is late.

Except for my nephew apparently because at one o’clock in the morning early March 1, we got a call from my sister saying the baby was coming.

I spent the majority of yesterday at the hospital with my family until my nerves couldn’t take it anymore. I went home with Kris where we sat on the couch and ate our feelings until her dentist appointment. We weren’t sure if she should cancel it or not, but we figured it may take a while and her appointment wouldn’t be long at all.

We decided to go to the hospital right after the dentist. She was taken in at 4:26 and came out at 4:50. Our nephew was born at 4:49 PM. Due to traffic (and our lack of directional skills) Kris and I didn’t get back to the hospital until 5:20 where our mom was texting us to “hurry!!!” and “run!!”

So we ran. Through the parking lot. Where I yelled, “Auntie’s coming!” and nearly ran over some guy that had to be at least two feet taller than me. Oops.

Apparently the nurse came in around 5:15 saying he was here, but gave no other information.

Around 6:00 my brother-in-law came in to bring the grandmothers into the room where Kris, myself, our friend, and sister-in-law waited eagerly for another ten minutes.

Then we were finally allowed to see our nephew, Daniel Richard.

It was a whirlwind of a day. I was utterly exhausted (and still am). I panicked all day, had anxiety (I don’t like hospitals and it was a bit freaky to see my sister hooked up to machines), cried off and on due to excitement and nerves, and ended up eating candy from the hospital for dinner.

I didn’t get home until around 8 PM where Kris and I just watched YouTube for the rest of the night. I think I dozed off during a couple of the videos.

I called out of work today to spend some more time with my family. I needed to sleep in, too. I slept in longer than I normally do.

So I didn’t get any work done yesterday and I know I won’t today, but we all started a new chapter in our lives. Kris and I get to join the “Auntie” club, my parents get to join the “Grandparents” club, and Lisa and Nick get to join the “Parents” club.

It’s completely strange, but I’m liking it so far.

Six On The Sixth #12: Family

Six on the Sixth Family

I completely forgot to post this on the sixth! Oops… Enjoy!

We play games with each other.

We can talk and we listen.

We always stand by each other.

We laugh, cry, and get angry.

Sometimes we’re near, sometimes we’re far.

But we will always be together.

A Sweet Birthday Card

I don’t normally post twice in one day, but this is something that I had to share with you guys.

I turned 22-years-old today. My 11-year-old cousin made me a birthday card. It made me feel pretty special.

Not only did she make me feel good, but it’s also nice to know that she thinks so highly of me. That said, I’m very close with my cousins.

This is the cover that says, “Happy happy birthday, today’s your special day, you just got a cupcake, now blow the flame away!”

The inside cover. She knows that I love my Ninja Turtles dearly.

“Rachel I could never ask for a better sister/cousin than you. You are funny, beautiful, amazing, and anything else you can think of. I hope you have the best 22nd birthday anyone can have!”

Then she turnes my name into an acronym: Royal, star in the sky, Creative, Humoress, Enchanting, Lovely.

No gift can compare to this.

I hope everyone is having an awesome day!


Friday: It was my last day of work for a week. This week is April vacation, so I get to sleep in all week! Also, I get six and a half hours more for each day. That’s super exciting for me! It was also my dad’s birthday so we went out to eat and had cake, you know usual birthday stuff. It was low-key, but nice.

Saturday: Kris and I went to Barnes and Noble in the morning where I wrote 5,514 words of my Camp NaNo novel. Kris had to bring her notebook because her laptop gave her the blue screen of death. She wrote a lot for it being handwritten, though. We only stayed for a few hours before going back home because my dad’s siblings came over for lunch for his birthday. We rarely see them throughout the year (mainly just for Christmas) so it was a fun time.

Sunday: I was lazy. I’ll admit it. I didn’t get any writing done, I didn’t try to get a head start on my homework like I planned… I just went to church and then sat on the couch. Kris and I did take Chip out for a walk around the local pond, so that was at least something. We were all tired after that. It’s a 45-minute walk and for Chip to be so small, it was a lot for her. But she made it!

This Week: Since I don’t have work this week, I have a lot more free time to do things I want to do. My homework is already just about done (it’s the second to last week, so we barely have any assignments) so I just want to focus on my writing and editing and reading and anything else I need to do this week. Kris and I are going to Barnes and Noble again this morning when it opens. It’s always a treat when we can go there a couple times a week.

My week is cut short, though. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday so that will slow me down for a few days. For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the posts will be the same–a writing quote, a book review, and a Short Story Sunday. They’re all written, so that’s fine. Monday will probably be another quote or something. I most likely won’t be responding to comments right away or commenting on other blogs. I’ll be out of commission for the weekend. Lucky me.

How was your weekend?

Camp NaNo: New Characters

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

I wrote 3,010 words this morning. My official word count for Camp NaNoWriMo at the moment is 19,034 words. I would have liked to hit 20,000 words this morning, but I wanted to post on here and then I have to get ready for work (technically, I should be getting ready for work now).

I think it was on day two or three of Camp that I introduced a new character into my novel, Anonymous Tip (which is  a George Florence novel).

I didn’t expect her to come into the story. I didn’t think she would even exist. Her name is Celeste and she’s the mother of two side characters, so obviously she exists because those other two characters had to come from somewhere, right? Yet, she wasn’t supposed to make an appearance and she managed to push her way through anyway.

If you knew her personality, which is a stubborn and head-strong, you can easily see why she made herself known in the novel.

It’s a good thing because poor George and Lilah had a case, but they didn’t have a client. Well, this woman barged into my story and into their lives and now they have a client. So, I guess she has a purpose after all.

This morning, another new character came into play. I debated on introducing her to the series eventually, but I didn’t think it would be in this novel.

Her name is Ingrid Florence. Yes, George’s mother.

She and Celeste butt heads a lot. So, naturally when Celeste made an appearance, Ingrid felt as though she needed to join in as well.

Ingrid hasn’t actually been in the novel, yet. She left a message on George’s answering machine, but already I can tell that she too has a strong personality. Yet, she seems a lot nicer than Celeste.

I wonder if Ingrid and Celeste are going to end up in a scene together? I’m sure that would be interesting to see.

How are your novels coming along? Have any unexpected characters come for a visit?