Rot 4: Plaque To The Future By Aidan J. Reid [Book Review]

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ROT 4: Plaque to the Future by Aidan J. Reid | Book Review | Short Story | Comedy |

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His wife has been kidnapped.

He’s a fairy on the run.

The prophecy says he alone can restore balance and harmony to the Kingdom. The Fairy Godmother might have something to say about that.

Piece o’cake.

My Review:

Book Cover |

I like the cover to this one. It’s simple, stays along the same theme as the 3 stories before it, and the tooth looks shiny, which is pleasing to me.

First Thoughts |

I’ve enjoyed the first three books of this short story series. After the way the third book ended, I was eager to read part 4.

Plot |

The Fairy Godmother is back and it doesn’t seem like she’s too happy with Ray. Ray and Ian are on a journey to find their kidnapped wives. They travel far and wide coming across old and new characters. Some nice, some not so nice.

I think this story was the most intense out of the four parts that have been released. They run into a few different enemies just barely making it. It really added a lot to their adventure.


Writing Style |

Just like the previous three parts of this series, the author’s witty humor shines through. Ray has a great narrative voice and a wonderful hilarious tone. It’s a short story, yes, but it’s a quick read because I get easily engaged and sucked into it.

Overall |

I think I enjoyed this story the most out of all four parts. This one was intense and had it’s fair share of witty, funny moments.

Rot 4: Plaque To The Future by Aidan J. Reid gets…
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Favorite Quote:

“I reach out for his tail and grab it in my dizziness. Some warped version of pin the tail on the donkey.” – Aidan J. Reid, Rot 4: Plaque To The Future

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