Organizing My Bookshelf

I have two bookshelves in my basement and they always end up a mess. I’m pretty sure this time last year I organized my shelves and wrote a post about it… now that I think about it, the titles might be the same.

Anyway, I decided to do that again. There are so many books on my shelf that I’ve read, but didn’t enjoy as well as book I have yet to read that I’m not interested in anymore.

I hate to give away books, but they’re supposed to be shared and read so I did end up giving some away.

My main reason for going through my shelves was because I wanted to see just how many books I have that I have yet to read. Most of the books on there I bought years ago and still haven’t touched.

I plan to get through most of those books in 2017 to “catch up,” I guess.

Organizing My Bookshelf

I have a total of 262 books on my shelves.

I have not read 149 of those books. That means I only read 113 of the books that are actually on my shelves.

On the outside, it seems as though I have more unread books on my shelves than read books. However, in the total number of books I included all my writing craft books… I have a lot of those books. They’re not “novels” so I actually have more read books on my shelf than unread.

Yes, that surprised me as well.

I’m pledging to read at least 52 books again in 2017, so let’s see how many of these books I can get through.

And let’s see how many new books I add to it that I end up reading or not reading.

How many books on your shelves have you actually read? Are you behind like I am? How many books do you plan on reading in the new year? Let me know in the comments below!

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My Bookshelf

The other day I read Herminia‘s post about books she has yet to read and it reminded me of something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

I wanted to go through my bookshelves and get rid of some books.

I know; you’re probably ripping your hair out that I want to get rid of some books. However, there are just some books that I know I am never going to read and they’ve been collecting dust for years. Plus, there are some books that are just way too young for me now.

2015-07-16 07.32.00I have two brown bags filled with books that I’m giving away. To be honest, I got rid of a lot more books than I originally thought I would.

Funny story: The brown book on top in the left bag (it might be a bit hard to see with all that brown) is a library book from my middle school.

I kept getting notices that I didn’t return it and I fought them saying I did return it–because I thought I actually did. How could a middle schooler lose a library book? That’s completely unheard of.

So when I was a senior (I think) in high school I finally found it among all my books on my shelf. Whoops.

I didn’t actually organize my bookshelves, though. I like to have each series clumped together in alphabetical order and then the stand-alone books go after, also in alphabetical order.

I didn’t do that this time because even though I have a little extra room, I actually don’t have room at all. I need a third bookshelf, but I have no place to put it.

2015-07-16 07.33.00Right now the two bookshelves I have, have double rows of books on each individual shelf. Plus books are lying horizontally on top of those books.

They’re squeezed in horizontally to fit.

The sad part is that I haven’t read half of these books. I went through my shelf a few months ago and tried to make a list of all my books, but that took a long time.

I highlighted books I read and checked off books I owned. It was a very messy list. I never finished it because it was a lot of work.

But there you have it. My bookshelves are no less messy than they were before, but at least there are less books to squeeze onto the shelves now.

Well, until I go back to Barnes & Noble.