Blog Round Up: November 2017

Blog Round Up: November 2017

Lone Wolf | A Poem
Friday Fiction: The Dance of Death
Let’s Talk About Editing, The Pen is Your Friend
Editing Tips Tuesday – Things You Never Thought Need Editing, But Probably Do

There are not that many posts this month because I did a terrible job keeping up with other blogs… oops.

What did you think of these posts? What are some of your favorites from this past month? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll chat!

Blog Round Up: April 2017

Blog Round Up April 2017

Check out these awesome blog posts that fellow WordPress buddies have posted! Enjoy!

10 Blogging Don’ts
Bo’s Cafe Life
March Reads
Lessons From A Failed Query Letter
Break The Tropes
Getting Published: Setting Achievable Goals
Author Spotlight – Wendy Unsworth
The Other Side of World Building

Do you have any blog posts you absolutely loved from April? Which one of these posts did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

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Blog Round Up: September 2016

September 2016 Blog Round Up

The Looking-Glass, Part 1
How To Make Lemonade When Writing Gives You Lemons
Still Can, Still Am | A Poem
First Signs of the New Season – Fall 2016
What’s Your Sign?
Saoirse & Connor: Ch.1
Just Thought I’d Point That Out
Seeping Scarlet Screams 

Apparently, all the posts I bookmarked this month were writing-related… I’ll try to have more of a variety next month!

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Blog Round Up: August 2016

August 2015 Blog Round Up Rachel Poli

Here are all the articles I found helpful and amusing this month. Enjoy!


Never Have I Ever | Reading Edition
5 Reasons Why Books Are The Best
5 Favorite Authors
Cover Reveal: Bleeding Hearts
What I Look For In A Book (As A Reader)


Chasing Freedom
7 Activities for a Waiting Author
The Patient Scribbler
Unfinished Drafts
Writespiration #94 Condense Your Novel Into 3 Sentences
Soft-Footed Death — A Riddle
Family Bonds — A Riddle
Returning to an Unfinished and Previously Ditched Draft


The Benefits of Blogging

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Blog Round Up: June 2016

As per suggested from my What Can I Do For You? post, I’ve decided to add a new monthly feature.

Someone mentioned that I should reblog other blogs and posts that I like. This is something I’ve always thought of doing, but since I post every single day and I don’t typically have multiple posts in one day, I don’t really reblog content. I’m weird, I know.

So I thought of creating a Blog Round Up where I provide links to my favorite posts and blogs of the month. Plus, I think it would be easier to go back to this post if you like a certain post I link to. Reblogs would be harder to find… If that makes any sense at all.

So, without further ado…

Blog Round Up June 2016 Rachel Poli


What Should I Read Next? by Kris Poli
Cover Reveal: Jenna’s Story by Skye Hegyes


Robots in a Fantasy Setting by Charles Yallowitz
Writing Tips: Build Your Vocabulary by Shannon A Thompson
“Lighting/Hunger” (A Poem for You) by Topaz Winters
Top Ten Writing Tricks by Herminia Chow
An Ode to the Galaxy by Nthato Morakabi
3 Tactics To Make You A More Productive Writer by Sacha Black
How To: Write Description in First Person by Holly Evans

As I get in the groove of making these link posts, more categories of posts and more blogs will pop up. I hope you find these links helpful!

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