How To Build A Solid Relationship With Your Readers

It’s easy to get carried away with writing content, promoting it, and repeat. Of course, one of the best ways to get people to really enjoy you and your blog and to keep coming back for more content, is if they know you’re a pleasant person. They want to get to know you. They want to see who is behind the mastermind of their favorite blog.

How to build a solid relationship with your readers | Blogging |

How To Build A Solid Relationship With Your Readers

Respond To Comments

Reply to any and all comments you get on your blog posts. Some you may get a lot, some you may not get that many. You may skip a couple of days and have a ton of notifications, but be sure to read through each and every one of them and respond. Even if it’s a simple “thank you” people will be happy to know you took the time to read and reply to their comment, to acknowledge them. Maybe conversations can start this way and you can make some great friends and connections.

Respond To Any Social Media Shares Or Comments

If someone shares your post through Twitter or anywhere else, reply to them and say thank you. If they comment on your stuff through social media, reply to them just as you would the comments on your blog. Again, you’ll make new friends and connections.

Check Out Their Blogs And Social Media

A great way to return the favor is to check out their blog and/or social media. Comment on a couple of their posts, share something from their blog, or follow them. They’ll thank you in return and be more likely to keep in touch and come back to your blog.

Engage Your Audience In Your Blog Posts

There are many ways to engage your audience within your blog posts. You can use various “calls to action” to comment or throw in a poll and ask their opinion on something. Every August I write an interaction short story where I post a part each week and ask my readers to vote on what they want to happen next for the following week. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.

How do you create a relationship with your readers? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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23 Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

What do you do when you’ve published your blog post? You have to spread the word about it!

Your blog posts can reach so many people outside of your followers circle, outside of the WordPress circle. You just need to know the right places to promote to. It doesn’t have to be every single place listed below, but you want to make sure you spread the word well enough.

Also, don’t forget to return the favor when others share your post. Share other posts as well. Spread the love.

23 Places to Promote Blog Posts | Blogging |

23 Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

  • Email your subscribers on your newsletter
  • Twitter
  • Your Facebook page
  • Facebook groups that allow post promotion
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Your LinkedIn
  • Relevant LinkedIn groups
  • Pinterest
  • Pinterest group boards
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Goodreads
  • YouTube
  • Do a round up post for your blog
  • Link in your email signature
  • Join link ups or link parties on other blogs
  • Guest post on other blogs
  • Ask your readers to share the post
  • Comment on other blogs, share their posts (some will return the favor)
  • Include your blog URL in your username when you comment on other blogs

How do you typically promote your blog posts? Have I missed any places? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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The Pros And Cons Of Having An Email List [Blogging]

One thing so many people say about blogging is that you should have an email list. It allows more people to follow you if they enjoy your content and you can give them exclusive stuff through the newsletters.

People say you have to have one if you want to be serious about blogging. If you have any products to sell like an ebook or a web course or an etsy shop, people say having a newsletter is the best way to go about it.

Of course, I’ve seen successful people, and blogs, without a newsletter. I hopped on the newsletter train fairly recently, failed at it, then re-did the whole thing. Of course, I’m still trying to figure it out. It’s a learning curve and honestly, it can kind of feel like you’re running another blog.

So… do you really need a newsletter?

The pros and cons of having an email list for your blog | blogging | email list | newsletter |



You can email the people on your list with updates and even throw in some links of blog posts you published that month or week or however often you email them or post. They’ll be likely to click on a link here and there. It’ll bring a little extra traffic to your blog. Maybe they’ll stick around the site for a little while and even share a post or two gaining you more of an audience.


Most often than not, if someone is subscribing to your newsletter, it’s because they already follow your blog. If they already follow your blog, they’ll get a notification in their email anyway or see it on their feed on the WordPress homepage. They don’t need to see the same blog post a bunch of times.



People say it’s best to have a “lead magnet” for your email list. This means you’ll give your subscribers something just for signing up. This could be a worksheet, access to a webinar, or even a coupon at your Etsy shop. This is a great idea because if people really like what you have to offer, they’ll sign up and be eager for anything you have up your sleeve.


Not everyone sticks around. You can run a giveaway on your blog and say they need to subscriber to the newsletter in order to enter for a chance to win. Win or lose, as soon as that giveaway is over, people are going to unsubscribe.

Should you have an email list for your blog? | Blogging | Newsletter | Email list |



An email list is like another promotion for your blog and its posts along with your Etsy shop or ebook or anything you have to offer. You can email an exclusive list of people ahead of time and say, “Guess what?” before it even happens, before you share it on all your social media. People will look forward to it and get excited.


It takes up more of your time. Some emails are going to be longer than others and have more information in it than others. It’s almost like taking care of another blog because you need to keep track of the stats, have interesting and informative content, and sometimes it can eat up some of your time as you design the template, get it all set up, and write the actual emails.



Like your blog, it’s better to have a schedule for your emails. It allows your readers to know when to expect something from you. This can be once a week, once a month, or when ever you feel the need.


You can’t please everyone. If you space your newsletter out too much, some people might not remember they subscribed to you and may not recognize the email. If you email too often, people may get annoyed and unsubscribe. Or, they may just not read it and delete the email. Then it’s kind of a waste for both of you.

What are your thoughts on having an email list? Are you Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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How To Create Graphics For Your Blog Posts [Blogging]

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

If you’ve been blogging for a while, or even if you just recently started, I’m sure you’ve heard people say that having a graphic or two on your blog post will allow more traffic to flow through.

People enjoy looking at pictures and it also entices them to read your post. Twitter is a place where Tweets are more likely to get clicked on if there’s a picture. Also, if you have a picture or two on your blog post, you can put it on Pinterest and that’s a huge traffic booster for some.

How to create awesome blog graphics | Blogging | How to blog |

Where Do You Get Your Pictures From?

There are three major ways you can get photos and get them legally for your blog.

Use a generic background

Some people just create backgrounds with nice color palettes or have a solid background with the text over it. It’s plain and simple and gets the job done.


There are two ways to do this. You can find random photos on Google to use as long as you find the original source and give the owner full credit. Stealing is bad, artists work super hard. Don’t do it.

The other way is to just Google “free stock photos.” A few websites will pop up and there are plenty of photos on those websites that you can borrow for free

Your own photos

I assume you have a smart phone, right? You can take your own pictures. Photo-ops are everywhere. I use my phone but I also have a Nikon D3300 that I use quite often to get better quality.

How Can You Edit The Photos?

Again, there are so many options out there, most of them are free.

How to edit photos for your blog | Blogging | photo editing |


I can’t do anything in Paint, but I have seen plenty of photo editing or digital art done through Paint. I don’t know how people do it, but they do and it’s really cool. If you can create cool stuff like that, go for it.

Photo editing websites

There are sites like PicMonkey or LunaPic where you can edit your photos for free. I used both of them for a while before I discovered Canva, which was much better in my opinion. It had templates and various photo sizes for certain websites. I believe there’s a paid option for it, but the free one was enough for me.

Photoshop or Illustrator

Once I started using my camera more, I got Photoshop and realized how much more I could do there over Canva. It’s a learning curve and I’m still trying to figure things out, but the pictures come out great, in my opinion. There’s a lot you can do. I have Photoshop Elements 2018 and before I got that, I had downloaded Gimp onto my laptop. It’s similar to Photoshop but a little less and is free.

How do you create your own graphics for your blog? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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8 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Attention [Blogging]

What’s typically the first thing people see when you upload a new blog post? The title.

People will see the title, read it, and either skim right over it or they’ll say to themselves, “Hm, this sounds interesting.” They click on it and they’re on your blog.

Keeping them on your blog is a different story, but if you have something worthy to say you should have a decent title that captures the attention of potential readers.

8 Types of Blog Posts That Get A Lot of Attention | Blogging | How To Blog |

Types of Blog Posts

How To

Guides are one of the most popular types of blog posts. What do most people tend to look up on the internet? How to do something. Look up the specific keywords in whatever you’re writing about and roll with it. “How To Write A Blog Post,” for example.


Tell a personal story of something that your readers will be interested  in and something that will help them or educate them. For example, talk about the mistakes you’ve made during your years of blogging and how you fixed them. If you have an active following, people will want to know something personal about you, but they’re also learning from you as well. This is also great for behind the scenes stuff and explaining the process to how you did something. In a way, this can go along with the How To above. “How I Started My Blog.”

Dos and Don’ts

The biggest reason people go on the internet (other than to watch cat videos) is to learn something. Using the right keywords, people will able to find your blog post about things you should put on your resume and things you should not put on your resume. People will want to read, “The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Query Letter.”


Compare and contrast is something else people love. If they’re looking for a specific product or they’re deciding between two products that ultimately do the same thing, your post might convince them to take one over the other. For example, “Hootsuite Vs. Buffer.” I personally used Hootsuite for a while, saw other people saying great things about Buffer, and made the switch. I will never go back. Maybe that will actually become a blog post someday.

How To Write Blog Post Titles That Will Get Clicked | Blogging | How To Blog |

Tips and Tricks

Similar to the “How To” you can always title a blog post, “5 Ways To Keep Your Car Clean.” I’m literally pulling random titles out of my mind… Don’t ask me where they’re coming from. But again, people love good posts that gives them advice on how to do something.


Who doesn’t love a good list? Let’s be real here. One piece of advice that everyone gets about blogging is to keep your paragraphs small. Why? People skim. They don’t want to read chunky blocks of text. Lists are a great type of blog post that gets good attention because people can just scroll down the list, getting the information they need without reading too much, and they can bookmark it for future reference.


This one can be similar to the “Story” blog post. Talk about lessons you’ve learned through trying something new. For example, if you’ve been blogging for a few years, what have you learned along the way? What are some things you wish you knew before you started blogging?


This can go one of two ways. You can talk about your favorite tools to use for blogging or for keeping your closet organized. The other way, however, is something more personal. A lot of people like to get to know their favorite bloggers and creators more so making a list of your favorite things for anything is a fun way to do that.

What are some of your favorite blog posts to read or to write? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to chat! If you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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