The Best Way To Teach Yourself How To Blog [Blogging]

Blogging is no walk in the park. I honestly don’t know if I ever would have started if I knew how much work it was going to be. Then again, I never would have known how rewarding and fun it is.

I started this blog in May 2012. I started it because I heard through the grapevine that it was a good idea for writers and authors to have a blog or “author platform.” Even though I barely had anything under my belt, I started it anyway.

I didn’t have a consistent schedule something going months without publishing a post. I mostly complained about how much homework I had at school. Oh, and I also made a lot of writing promises that I never kept and then made up excuses for why I didn’t follow through.

It wasn’t until 2015 I decided to make some changes and blog for real. I decided to get myself on a content schedule, posting every single day with regular features.

In 2016 I bettered my content with new features and ideas, better article quality, and sticking to my schedule.

In 2017, I improved still. Now in 2018, I think my blog has been better than ever with a new make-over and everything else I’ve updated and added.

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How Do You Get Better At Blogging?

Trial and Error

Blogging is a learning curve and the best way to learn how to do it is by trial and error. See what works for your readers and what doesn’t. See what you’re comfortable doing and what you’re not.

You’re going to have a lot of ideas but not every single one of them is going to work out. Not all of them will be able to have the spotlight. There’s only so many days in a week and so many hours in a day.

Pay Attention to Other Bloggers

There were plenty of times I’ve done something, blog promotion, for example, and I thought I was some business-buff because I “knew” what I was doing. Sometimes my method would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. Then I would check out some blogs I follow and see the way they did things. I’d try out their way. Sometimes their way worked for me, sometimes it didn’t.

Still, it helps you keep an open mind about what you can do.

The Best Way To Teach Yourself How To Blog | Blogging | Creative Writing |

Just Do It

The best way to teach yourself how to blog is to just dive right into it. Create an account, make a URL, and whip up a post. You can read books and articles about blogging, but each blog, niche, and writer is different.

You have something no one else can provide to your readers. Find it and embrace it.

How did you teach yourself blogging? Where did you learn it from? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Lucky Seven Challenge

Via Skye Hegyes
Via Skye Hegyes

While I was looking through the WordPress Reader this morning, I came across a post titled “Lucky Seven Challenge” from Skye Hegyes’s blog. I saw the word “challenge” and it intrigued me to see what it was all about.

Apparently, you’re supposed to go to page seven of your work in progress, count down seven lines, and then copy and paste the following seven lines to share with people. Make sense?

So, here’s mine. I took it from my most recent accomplishment, Detective Florence 2.

            I growled at her, but she pretended that she didn’t hear me. I knew she wasn’t going to listen to me if I told her to get back into the other room. She stayed behind me as we were just about to reach the bathroom.

“Didn’t you lock the front door when we left earlier?” I grumbled. I knew I should have been the last one to exit the house.

“Of course I did!” Lilah defended herself in a harsh undertone. She glared at me for only a moment and then she turned her attention back on the bathroom door anticipating the moment when someone came out into the hallway.

Now, I’ll admit that I cheated a bit…this is eight lines, not seven. The seventh line ended in the middle of a sentence.

I have to say that I’m kind of glad where the lines fell. Seven lines isn’t a lot, but you can still tell what is going on the story; or you can at least assume. From this alone, you guys can probably use it as a writing prompt and make up your own ending. 😉

Make sure you go to Skye Hegyes’s blog and check out her Lucky Seven Challenge! Also, feel free to do it yourself and post it your own blog. I’d love to see what others come up with!

Day Eighteen

Big News…


I know that I skipped the blog post yesterday, but yesterday was my dad’s birthday…and I may have played Pokemon for, oh I don’t know…five or six hours? However, I did write 1,260 words yesterday. It’s better than nothing, right? I wrote those words for Seeing Things.

Today was a better day. I wrote 3,504 words to Take Over. And guess what? Take Over is completed! You guys don’t realize how happy I am that I finished it. Now, as I continue for Camp NaNo for the rest of April, I can focus on just one novel. That novel being Seeing Things, even though it’s just “part” of a novel.

I have to say this: 2013 has been a pretty big year so far. I made a resolution to write a lot more and I have actually been keeping up with that. I finished the first part of a novel (Saving Each Other) in about two weeks. Saving Each Other, I just printed out the part today, is 119 double-spaced pages with 35,076 words. Seeing Things and the other three parts of that novel are going to be just as long. This novel is going to be a big book.

I finished Take Over in about five weeks. I estimate that because I started it at the beginning of March and stopped writing it for Camp NaNo. However, when I picked it back up again it only took me an extra four or five days to finish. Take Over is 219 double-spaced pages with 70,642 words. Now it’s onto the fun part…editing.

So I completed 1/5 of a novel and a whole novel in less than two months. Now I’m onto the second part of a novel I hope to get a good dent it in by the end of the month. I’m putting those words towards Camp NaNo. Which, by the way, from today’s word count and yesterday’s word count is up to 44,069.

I had planned on writing more today because that 3k was written in school this morning. However, I had to babysit (like I do every Thursday), but I ended up going to their house an hour earlier and leaving two hours later than I usually do. I’m not going to explain, but things are chaotic at their house at the moment.

Not to mention that I have a ton of homework. As I said before, it’s the end of the semester so all my teachers decide to give out everything now. I have three chapters worth of homework in math as well as a project, I have two science projects, and I have a essay for my student teaching class as well as write up a few lesson plans. Although, the lesson plans are optional so that’s the last thing on my mind. There’s three weeks left in the semester and all this stuff is due one right after the other. It’s a pain. I quit.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good writing day. I hoped to get to 50k today, but oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Or Saturday. The worst part is that I’m in a big mood to play Pokemon, so hopefully I can just use that as an incentive to get my homework and/or writing done. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I was very close to skipping my science class on Tuesday, but I told myself I would get myself Starbucks if I went to class. And I did. I was happy.

Okay, today exhausted the crap out of me so now I’m just kind of babbling on…I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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