Baby Blues: This Is Going To Be Tougher Than We Thought (Scrapbook 1) By Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott [Book Review]

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Book Review - Baby Blues: This is going to be tougher than we thought (scrapbook 1) by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott | Comic | Humor | Reading |

I borrowed this from my Uncle a long time ago.

My Review:

Book Cover |

The cover itself is humorous. It’s all about first-time parents and showing two confused parents with a crying baby is perfect – as is the title.

First Thoughts |

I first read this a long time ago when I was little. I remember my sister reading it at our uncle’s house so I ended up picking it up as well.

Plot |

This is the first of many Baby Blues comics. Darryl and Wanda have just had a baby girl, Zoe. They’re first time parents trying to figure out the baby as well as other life things. Not that I’m a parent myself, but many of these strips ring true to life but put a funny spin on it.

Characters |

Darryl and Wanda are quite the funny characters and it’s fun to follow their story. Wanda can be a bit crazy at times, but it’s always funny and never really annoying. Poor Darryl just tries his best to help her along.

There are many other characters in here that come and go like Wanda’s sister, and they’re all great and add a lot to the story.

Writing Style |

This is, of course, a comic book, so the story is told in dialogue and drawings. Each “scene,” I guess you could call it is told in four panels. Or there can be sort of a mini-series and a longer story may be told me through a series of four panels. Everything makes sense and it makes for an easy read.

Overall |

If you’re looking for something quick, humorous, and true to life, pick up Baby Blues. It was fun to revisit this one and I’ll be reading the rest of the series soon.

Baby Blues: This Is Going To Be Tougher Than We Thought (Scrapbook 1) by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott gets…
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