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Aditi Sharma, Writer

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

If only I could tell about the books I write. Right now I can only tell about the books that I read written by others.
Anyhow, as this question is about me I would suffice its answers with a few adjectives and phrases about me as a person-
A loner by choice; dog-person; peace lover; morning and green-tea person; planner; moody (big time, and trying to get it removed from this list); simplicity-believer; stories over poems; inclined more towards mountains than beaches; stationery lover.

A quote I firmly believe in and always keep by my side-
“There is no short cut to success and there is no everlasting success achieved through short cuts.” 

How long have you been writing for?

If copying quotes, stories, and small messages in my diary can be considered writing then I had been doing that since I was a kid of around 12 (maybe). But if something serious, something new, something original is concerned, that I have started writing only in my late teens. I started when I was 19, but after a long break of two-three years (due to graduation, which by the way is in Engineering) I restarted when I turned 22.
It is after being 22 that my writing got down on the race track with no other pen to compete with but just with its own previous records-striving to create new ones. I am yet to turn 23 in July, so it’s been 9 (serious) months that I have taken my found passion to another level, a level of nurturing.

What is your writing process like?

It depends on the kind of content that I am writing.

If I have chosen to write on a political issue then I ought to do a sufficient amount of research. Once done with researching, I bookmark the pivotal pages or points and then I put my thoughts down on the screen. Even though I haven’t written much on political or social agendas, this I have understood that the deeper and accurate the research, the more impactful the end product would be.

If it is something fictional (which most of the times my writings are) or simply a self-help article, all I do is put down my story or article on paper. I prefer to (though still struggling) pen down my story the way it comes to me, without any pause or over-thinking. Then I rephrase the sentence structures, replace the almost-right words with the perfect words and the placement of paragraphs is rearranged.

Do you have a writing routine? If so, what’s a typical day like for you?

Being a naïve, I am still struggling (like lot of other things) to have a routine, a decent writing routine. Having heard a lot about how a fixed time at a fixed place can help in creating and maintaining the writing flow, I still am trying to make such a routine my niche.

But if it comes down to a typical day for me then such day cannot be inclusive only of writing. My typical day involves sessions of writing, reading and studying about reading or writing.

What motivates you to write?

I have always been an artistic person. Since childhood I had been into many such fields like sketching, calligraphy, pottery, and music during school-time. After hopping from domain to domain, finally I have landed down on the art of writing and reading. If art cannot define me then nothing else can and if I cannot define art then I dread if there is anything else that I can ever define; that is the reason which motivates me to write and strive for betterment every day.

Also, immersing into the world of fiction allows me to be the creator of my new world, lets me decide what should and should not be happening, and that fun is what keeps me going.

What was the first thing you did when you found out your book was being published?

When I will find out that my book is being published then like any paranoid person, I wouldn’t believe it first. Then my optimistic side would try to overpower the paranoid one and I will re-confirm the news from every source that is possible. I know this because this is what happens when I achieve anything huge.

Once everything is confirmed, I will share it with my dad and all my close ones.

Are you currently working on anything new?

Well, I have a lot going in my head but haven’t settled down on anything as of now. Though there is a project that has been offered to me and soon I am going to get started with it. The project is nothing like what I had thought but as a beginner I wouldn’t mind experimenting.

If you weren’t a writer, what would your career be?

This question is bit weird for me to answer, *laugh* as by profession I am an engineer and writing is what I do before and after my office timings.

But there are plans, some major ones, in my head. Let’s see how the implementation goes.

What is the easiest part of writing for you? What is the hardest part?

For me, the easiest part of writing is to have the crux of my story in my mind. Knowing what is the basic message or theme of my fictional work/ non-fictional article is almost always there in the back of my mind.

Hardest part (here I am talking about the content of my blog-posts) is definitely to be me in my short stories and still make them go along different paths from the ones my previous stories/articles had gone through. Knowing what I want to write about but how and what form of story would convey it in the best way becomes a daunting task for me.

What’s one thing you learned through writing that you wish you knew before you started?

As I am still in the inception stage of this art-Writing, I think I am yet to find/ learn about any such thing, if there would be any.

What is your favorite book or genre? Is there a special book that made you realize you wanted to write?

Anything that pertains to fiction, be it fictional romance or suspense or thriller or anything, can be considered my favorite.
I won’t say that A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini made me realize that I wanted to write because I knew that writing is something that I should be doing long before reading them, but it was after I read them that something clicked and I started my serious writing.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Myself being one of them, the only advice that I give to myself and would offer to others too is-Never give up on your dreams. And if you dare to dream, dare to work for it too.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I think I have already said enough in my answers above. The only thing I would like to add is to pay my gratitude to Rachel, the interviewer, to have my interview published on her blog even after me forgetting to send her my answers back on time. *giggle*

About Aditi

Aditi SharmaHaving relished the diversity of an as large nation as India, Aditi Sharma, a B.Tech graduate, has her home in New Delhi and is currently working in Bangalore. Having said about diversity, she has lived in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Bhubaneshwar during her course from schooling to graduation to her job in Bangalore.

Engineer by profession, her soul’s most cherishable moments are the ones around books. Reading and writing came naturally to her (though a bit late) when she had her first serious read-The Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, but now they are here to stay, for ever. Though she prefer to read and write more of fiction work, now-a-days she is having her hands and eyes on non-fiction too.

Through blogging she is trying to reach out to more and more like-minded people, who believe in the art of writing, in the hard work behind writing, in the qualitative writing.

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Short Story Sunday 133: Watchers (Part Five)

            “Maria!” I heard Dad shout.

I could see him standing in the doorway on the other side of my bedroom from the corner of my eye. Yet, the red-eyed monster was still right in my face. I didn’t dare look away from it to look at Dad.

I heard some rustling and before I knew it, Dad was scooping me up in his arms. He hugged me tight jerking my gaze away from the red eyes. Then he placed me gently back down on my bed. I scanned my bedroom for the three monsters, but they were all gone again.

My shoulders relaxed, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing that they were gone not. They always disappeared when Dad came so Dad never believed me that there were any monsters.

“Maria, what are you doing in here?” Dad broke me out of my thoughts. He backed away from my bed and stared at the floor in disgust.

I leaned over the edge of my bed and noticed the glass shards lying on the ground. I had completely forgotten that the lamp fell and shattered on the ground. I peeled my eyes away from my favorite, but broken, lamp to look at Dad.

“Did you feel the house shaking?” I asked.

“What?” Dad narrowed his eyes confused.

“Didn’t you hear the monsters talking to me?”

Dad folded his arms across his chest and stared at me blankly.

“Didn’t you see the three monsters standing directly in front of me? One of them was in my face!”

Dad hung his head and let out an exasperated sigh. After a moment of unbearable silence, Dad looked back up at me and pointed to the mess on the floor.

“I have no idea what you’ve been doing in here, but it’s late and you really need to go to sleep. Enough fooling around, Maria. I’m going to get the broom to clean this up and then you have to go to sleep.” Dad turned around to exit the room.

“But Dad!” I called after him, but he was already out in the hallway. I was sure he heard me call after him, but he didn’t want to hear anything else I had to say to him about the monsters.

Frustrated, I hopped off my bed on the other side of the broken glass as to not cut the bottom of my bare feet. I ran over to the other side of room as quickly as I could. I didn’t want the monsters to come back before Dad came back upstairs with the broom. When I made it to the door, I turned on the light, my heart pounding in my chest as I raced the darkness.

As soon as the light shone in my bedroom, I let out a sigh of relief. I turned around leaning my back against the wall, but it turned out the light didn’t help at all.

I thought the monsters ran away when Dad came into the room and when the light was turned on. But that didn’t seem to be the case now. The red-eyed monster was standing at the foot of my bed, while the two yellow-eyed monsters stood tall behind it. All three stared at me and none of them looked happy.

They all looked the same. They were all scary, broad, and tall. They were covered in brown fur as though they were large bears, except their nails looked to be at least five inches long on each hand, even on their feet.

Each monster had two long fangs sticking out of the tops of their wide mouths. I didn’t see a nose on any of them, but their eyes were big enough to cover half of their faces. The red-eyed monster was a little bit bigger than the other two and it had three horns coming out of the top of its head. And while that one had horns, the two yellow-eyed monsters had two pointy ears like bats on top of their heads.

I slid my back against the wall eventually sitting down on the ground. I brought my knees up to my chest and just stared at the monsters. They clearly weren’t going away anytime soon. I had given up. Dad wasn’t going to believe me that there were monsters in my bedroom. In fact, I wasn’t even sure where he went. I didn’t think it would take him so long to grab the broom and come back upstairs.

The red-eyed monster took another step closer. The whole house shook again. I lost my balance and fell to the side. I put my arms out to catch myself even though I was already on the ground.

It took another step.

Dad was probably still getting the broom, for what was taking him so long I had no idea, but I bet he didn’t hear anything. He didn’t feel the whole house rumble earlier when he was right down the hall. He definitely wasn’t going to hear anything downstairs.

Frustrated, I crawled along the floor back over to my bed. The monster stopped walking and his gaze followed me as I shimmied along the floor on all fours.

I was careful around my nightstand as to not cut myself, but I noticed a pretty large shard of glass. I picked it up as gently as I could. I stood up, turned around, and whipped the glass right at the red-eyed monster.

The shard bounced off the monster’s leg as though it had a protective coating around it. I let out an exasperated sigh.

Okay, now I was out of ideas.

“Maria!” Dad growled.

I twisted my neck to look back over at my bedroom door. Dad stood in the doorway holding the broom and the vacuum. He stared at me appalled.

“Now you’re throwing the glass around your room? What is it with you tonight?” he glared at me and I could see his forehead veins beginning to pop out.

Whatever I had to say about the monsters now definitely wasn’t going to go well. He didn’t believe me before and he certainly wasn’t going to believe me now.

I turned my attention back to the monsters and I could have sworn they were smiling.

“You need to help clean this up.” Dad was suddenly standing beside me now. He handed me the broom and reluctantly, I took it.

I watched the monsters as they slowly vanished from my sight. I still didn’t understand how Dad wasn’t able to see them.

I swept up the broken glass into a pile and then pushed it into the dustpan. I walked over to the other side of my bedroom to dump it in my trashcan while Dad turned on the vacuum to pick up any of the smaller pieces we may have missed.

As he vacuumed, I peered into my closet. There was nothing there.

Dad turned off the vacuum and sighed. “Look, Maria. I don’t know what kind of nightmare you had, but there are no monsters in your room. There are no monsters anywhere near here because they don’t exist.”

“Okay.” I murmured in response. What else was I supposed to say? There was no sense in arguing with him anymore. He wasn’t going to believe me.

Dad walked over to me and closed my closet door so I couldn’t look inside it anymore. “Why don’t you come sleep with me in my room tonight? At the rate this night is going, it seems as though that would be best.”

I smiled at Dad. I knew he was suggesting this to me so that we could both get some sleep before our alarm clocks went off in a couple of hours, but I was grateful that he thought of this solution.

We shut the light off in my bedroom and closed the door. I crawled into bed with Dad once we made it to his room.

No monsters showed up for the rest of the night.

We were just going to have to wait and see what the next night would bring.

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Short Story Sunday 132: Watchers (Part Four)

            I swallowed a hard lump in my throat. As much as I wanted to believe there was no such things as monsters like Dad said, I knew he was wrong. There was nothing in my closet that would trick me into thinking a pair of yellow eyes was staring at me.

Nothing in my closet changed to add a second pair of yellow eyes. And nothing changed still in order to add a pair of red eyes. They multiplied every time Dad came into the room and told me there was no such thing as monsters.

This was not my imagination. I was not dreaming. This was not nothing. There were monsters in my closet and I had to get rid of them somehow. If Dad couldn’t see them, then I was going to have to do something about it.

I shifted my weight on my bed and sat up tall on my knees. I bit my lower lip. All three pairs of eyes were staring back at me. Neither one of them moved, none of them groaned. I was at a loss of what was going on.

“What…” my voice cracked and I cleared my throat. “What do you want with me?”

The six eyes blinked in response.

“Where did you come from?” I asked again stepping down from my bed.

They blinked again.

“Are… Are you friendly at least?” I choked out walking towards my closet again.

The more monsters that entered my closet, the more times I called my Dad to check my closet, I felt less afraid. They weren’t doing anything. They hadn’t done anything in the past week. I wasn’t sure if they were biding their time until something big or if they were just camping out for some reason.

It didn’t make sense to be afraid of these monsters anymore. It was time that I confronted them. It was time I confronted my fears.

“I’m not going to be afraid of you anymore. Just tell me why you’re here and what you want.” I sighed exasperated. They must have wanted something if they kept hanging around to watch me sleep.

All six eyes blinked once more. I grunted in response and stopped in the middle of my bedroom. I didn’t want to get any closer. I didn’t want to touch any of the monsters again. They growled at me last time, who knew what would happen if I accidentally bumped into them again?

I raised an eyebrow at the six eyes staring at me blankly. “Hello?” I shrugged. I knew they could move since they disappeared whenever Dad entered the room. I knew they could communicate in some form since one of them growled at me earlier. I didn’t expect answers to my questions, but I expected some sort of response other than blinking.

Yet, as soon as I said that, all six eyes shifted to look at each other. I clamped my mouth shut and took a few steps back. Okay, I clearly got their attention. But now what were they doing?

In just a couple minutes, all the eyes turned to me once more. The yellow pair, the first monster that first appeared in my closet a week ago, seemed to come forward. My bedroom shook and I latched onto the edge of my bed to keep my balance. Holding onto my mattress for my dear life, I took a few more steps back.

The eyes lowered as though the monster was ducking in the doorway of the closet and then they got higher once more as if it stood up tall again.

I craned my neck to look up as the monster took hard steps closer to me. My bedroom continued to rumble after each footstep. I glanced at my bedroom door wondering where Dad was. Surely he could feel the house shaking! Wasn’t he going to come check up on me?

The monster stared down at me while the other monster with the narrow yellow eyes repeated what the first monster did. The whole house shook again under his steps. He stood beside the first monster, both of them staring down at me.

Then it was the red monster’s turn. It seemed bigger than the other two monsters as his eyes were closer to the ceiling and his footsteps were so heavy that I thought he was going to fall right through my floor breaking my house.

I climbed back on top of my bed as though that would help me get away from the three monsters. I was suddenly afraid of them again. They had never left my closet, though they still didn’t speak and they still continued to stare at me. What were they doing and what was I supposed to do to retaliate?

I stood up willing myself to be brave and stand before them as though I wasn’t afraid, even though I felt like wetting my pants. I hoped they weren’t the type of monsters that were able to smell fear. If so, I was in trouble.

“Wh—What do you…” my voice shook and I had to clear my throat again. “What do you want?”

The monster with red eyes took another step forward shaking the entire room. The lamp on my nightstand beside my bed vibrated so far between the monsters moving that it fell off the stand and crashed to the ground with the bulb popping like a balloon.

I let out a quick scream turning to the sound of the lamp. Then I immediately turned back to the monsters and the red eyes were directly in my face.

I held my breath trying not to panic. I could feel a warm air breeze by my face as the monster breathed on me.

“Maria.” A deep, raspy voice rang out through the room.

Then my Dad entered my bedroom for the third time that night.

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Short Story Sunday 131: Watchers (Part Three)

            I recoiled my hand away the moment I touched… was it fur? I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but I knew I shouldn’t have been touching it. I backed away slowly holding my hand with my other hand as though it had been burned on a hot stove. I tilted my head back up and the eyes were staring at me again.

The first pair of yellow eyes, the eyes that have been there every night, stared at me normally. The other pair of yellow eyes looked narrower now, almost as though it was glaring at me.

I thought I was closer to the first pair of eyes, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe I touched the monster that looked scarier and meaner?

The growling had stopped.

I looked into the first pair of eyes. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem angry at me for being curious and going right up to it. It didn’t seem as though it was going to do anything.

It just continued to stand in my closet. It continued to stare at me and watch my every move.

“Dad!” I screamed again from the middle of my room. I didn’t take my eyes off of the four eyes staring back at me. I wanted to watch them and see where they went when Dad came into the room. There was no way they were going to try to escape this time.

After just a few minutes, Dad opened my bedroom door groggily. I continued to stare at my closet, but as soon as Dad turned my light on, both pairs of eyes disappeared.

I gasped.

“Maria? What are you doing standing in the middle of the room?” Dad yawned.

I frowned at the clothes hanging in my wide open closet. “There was another thing in my closet… There were four yellow eyes instead of two this time. But now that you turned on the light, they’re gone.”

Dad sighed. “Maria, I told you. There are no such things as monsters. Whatever you see in your closet is just your imagination playing tricks on you because it’s late and you’re tired.”

I turned around and looked at the clock. It was already midnight. I went to bed three hours ago. How was this night going by so quickly and yet so slowly at the same time?

Dad walked over to me and pointed to the inside of my closet. “I don’t know what is in here that looks like a couple of eyes staring at you, but you’re fine.” He closed the closet door all the way allowing it to click shut. “Now, come on. You have school in the morning and I have to go to work. I’m tired, you’re tired, it’s time to go to sleep.”

I released an exasperated sigh as Dad gently pushed me towards my bed. I climbed back in and he tucked me under the covers for the third time that night. I continued to stare at my closet. The door was still closed tight. I wasn’t able to see inside and nothing will be able to see outside.

Dad kissed me on the forehead once more. “Goodnight, Maria.” He said gently.

He walked over to the other side of my room and turned off the light. He smiled and winked at me. I forced a smile back at him as he closed the door again.

I lied back down rolling over onto my side. I closed my eyes lightly willing myself not to look over at my closet. Dad closed the door and he checked inside the closet twice. There was nothing there. It was just my imagination because I was tired.

Yet, I couldn’t help myself. I needed to double check that the closet door was still closed and that the monsters hadn’t come back. Surely, they must have been tired too, right?

I immediately regretted looking over my shoulder. I shot straight up in my bed gaping because not only was the closet door back open, but now there was a pair of deep red eyes staring back at me as well.

Words: 687

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