Short Story Sunday 107

short story sunday 107 rachel poli

She licked her lips humming merrily to herself. Josh stared at her with dull eyes looking as though he were about to fall asleep.

“Janet, it’s one in the morning. Don’t you think you should come to bed now?” he asked leaning against the doorway.

Janet jumped, snapping her head towards the sound of her husband’s voice. “Oh, hi!” she greeted cheerfully.

Josh rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Why haven’t I ever had this stuff before? I love it. I absolutely love it! I can’t believe that I’m in my 30s and I have never had this before! Why are you just introducing it to me now? And thank you so much for introducing me to this stuff! This is a life saver, it really is. I am never going to wake up in the morning tired ever again!” Janet rambled giggling.

“You’re never going to go to sleep, either…” Josh muttered.

“My parents would never let me have this stuff when I was a kid. Or even when I was a young adult. They said that it was bad for me and I believed them. It probably is, who cares? I love!” Janet squealed.

Josh sighed. He walked over to her taking the half-full mug out of her hands. “No more coffee for you…”

Janet watched him place her mug in the sink with sad eyes. “But… but…”

“You can have another cup in the morning. Come to bed.” Josh stretched out his arm lazily. If his wife wasn’t so loud, he would have fallen asleep right on his feet.

“Oh!” Janet leaped out of her seat. “We should have a pillow fight!” she dashed out of the kitchen, down the hall, and disappeared into their bedroom.

“On second thought,” Josh groaned walking in the opposite direction, “I’m sleeping on the couch…”

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The Resolution Begins!

Dun, Dun, Dunnn!

Hello everyone! Last time I said that my New Year’s resolution was to read more and to write more. Well, I didn’t start the reading one yet, but I started the writing one today! Go me!

Today my sister and I went to Barnes and Noble to get some writing done. We haven’t gone in a long time, so it was reall nice. Except the escalator broke…we has to walk up ourselves, which was fine but then they decided to fix it while I was in the bathroom. So the down escalator worked, but when I got out of the bathroom and tried to get back to the second floor, it was blocked off. I was sad because I had to use the elevator and I hate elevators…but I shared it with a lady and her two- and three-years-old daughters and her baby. So it was an interesting ride up.

Well, that was completely off topic…so I got some writing done today and it was then that I thought of treating January like a NaNo month. So I divided 50,000 by 31 days and I have to write 1,612 words a day. So since today was the second of the month I had to get to 3,226 words or so something like that. I made it to 3,435…I actually don’t remember the exact number, but it was something like that. It as over 3,226 and that’s all that matters.

I also started a new novel. This is because I just finished Saving Each Other so I have to write the next part, which is Seeing Things. Except I need a little break from that plot, the characters, the whole story. So I looked at my to do list page on here and I noticed that I had told myself to plan/outline The Blank Pagewhich is the first book of the Writers Group series.

I was in the mood to write it (which I was extremely happy t because I am usually never in the mood to write whatever I have to get done) and I could tell because I wrote a lot and I had an extremely fun time writing the first chapter. I came up with a lot of ideas for the book while writing the first chapter and I’m also in love with the characters.

Writers Group, I may have explained before, is a series about three people who met on a writing website and meet in person to write their own books together. The series is about them going through the ups and downs of writing together. Plot paths, character development, editing, you name it, they go through what all us writers go through. And with these characters, it just makes it fun and hysterical. Justin, the oldest is nice, but gets frustrated easily. Dominic is the gentleman and the peacemaker between the three of them. And Adair…well, she’s special. She’s young, she has a mind of her own, she’s very outspoken and…oh yeah, she’s a MAJOR coffee addict. It’s great.

With that being said, The Blank Page is about them meeting for the first time in person and starting their novels together. I’m really into it, so (as long as I have the time) I don’t think I’m going to have any trouble getting to 50,000 words. Honestly, I love his idea so much that I might actually finish the novel in the whole month…again, if I have the time. But we can keep our fingers crossed!

So that’s that. I still have to figure out the reading part of this whole resolution, but right now I’m really excited about the writing part and that’s taking up a lot of my brain at the moment. Also, I just thought of this now, I think I might keep a track of how many words in write this year. I’ll keep track on here, except I’ll put it in tomorrow’s post on account that I don’t know the exact amount of words I wrote today. I’m on my iPod right now, not my computer.

So I think that’s it for now…I will update with more tomorrow! 🙂