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I’m passionate about reading and writing and have been blogging for over 6 years. I’ve worked with many bloggers and writers in the past and am more than happy to help them succeed and promote their creative work. My services are here to aid you on your creative journey. I look forward to working with you.



Beta Reading
I will read through your manuscript as a reader. I will offer constructive criticism on the characters, story arc, plot inconsistencies, pacing, dialogue, and description. I will also give you my overall thoughts on the story, what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. Light proofreading may be added throughout.
Rate: Free

Book Publicity

Book Reviews
I will seek out book bloggers and reviewers who read in your genre. I’ll send personalized, individual review requests to them and distribute ebook copies to the reviewers. I’ll also provide you a list of the book bloggers so you may reach out to them personally as well.
Rate: $5.00 per review

Blog Tours
I will work with you in setting up a blog tour marketing plan for your book. I will seek and reach out to book bloggers interested in your genre who participate in blog tours. I will distribute ebook copies to them as well as provide you a list of the book bloggers so you may reach out to them personally. I will organize the dates and create a banner for the blog tour.
Rate: $30.00 per week

Virtual Assistant

Blog Maintenance
I will keep your blog up to date and clean. I’ll update old blog posts to make sure no links are broken. I’ll clean out any spam comments. I’ll also organize categories and tags to make sure each blog post is where it belongs.
Rate: $150 per month

Content Production
I will help you run your blog by formatting and scheduling blog posts. I will edit/proofread your blog posts before publication. I’ll also create and manage a content calendar to help keep you on track. I’ll look over your posts to make sure they’re SEO friendly.
Rate: $150 per month

Social Media
I will help set up and schedule social media posts through Buffer, Hootsuite, and Tailwind. I will also create and manage a content calendar for each social media account.
Rate: $50.00 per social media account per month


“I’ve had the pleasure of having Rachel as a Beta Reader and member of my ARC Team for several months now. What I noticed immediately is that she is prompt, which I love. I find this quality important because writers who send their manuscript to Betas can expect to wait weeks, sometimes months for feedback. Rachel, however, is always the first to finish the read and provides valuable feedback. Focusing not just on her likes and dislikes but also on how the story flows and the writing style, I always feel that I am getting honest and well-balanced input from this young woman. Rachel pays attention to detail and I can tell that she is giving it her all. Good Betas are hard to come by and I am honored to recommend her and to have her as a member of my team.” – Yecheilyah Ysrayl, Author

“In the three months Rachel interned for me, she proved to be a valuable asset. She is dedicated, follows instructions quite impressively and keeps things clear through constant communication. In a few projects I’ve had the chance to hire her, I was very happy with her work and I’m looking forward to working with her on future projects as well.” – Emily Green, Chief Book Publicist at EG Publicity

“To whomever reads this, my name is Jack Longman. I run the May 5th, 2015 established Nintendo Media Site, Since February 13th 2017, in addition to running Double Jump with her sister Kris Poli, and reviewing books, Rachel Poli has acted as a freelancer who has often contributed to the site. From undertaking reviews for Nintendo Switch and 3DS, to offering up ideas, Rachel has shown herself to be a hard worker, capable of working under pressure, great at multi-tasking and is most importantly, a team player.

“Rachel has enthusiasm, passion and a willingness to learn, a fact that was most proven when we revised our review structure and Rachel was the first one to learn it and put it into effect. As for her writing skill, due to being an avid reader and student of many styles, Rachel’s points are punctual, her opinions are well expressed in a detailed fashion that is not off-putting to all who read them and I have often enjoyed reading the content she provides not just for our site, but her own as well. So I would certainly say, she is an asset to whoever is lucky to have her to write for them, as she is positively delightful as both a person and in her writing.” – Jack Longman, Editor-in-Chief at Miketendo64

Samples and resume are available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.