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The Scribe by Rachel Poli | Fantasy | Creative Writing | Wattpad Stories | Author | RachelPoli.com

Title: The Scribe
Author: Rachel Poli
Genre: Fantasy, Greek Mythology

Series: Standalone
Publisher: Wattpad
Publication Date: January 8, 2018


“When one Scribe becomes three, three Fates will become one.”

Sadie Powers is an average college student. She has a couple of good friends, a boyfriend, and straight-As. So, why does her science professor want to see her in the library late one night?

Professor Hobbs, well known by the students as “Crazy Hobbs,” gives Sadie a notebook. He claims it contains a special paper wanting her to keep it a secret and use it wisely. He knows she will do great things with the notebook.

Believing him to be crazy, Sadie heeds his words with a grain of salt. But when he shows her the Room of Destiny hidden within the school’s library, Professor Hobbs explains Sadie is the next Scribe. She is to keep order and balance within the seven billion people residing on Earth.

The Scribe’s job is supposed to fix any unjust or premature deaths using the notebook and powerful quill. How is she supposed to tempt with Fate? Because, as far as Sadie knows, magic doesn’t exist… Does it?

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The Scribe
Take Over by Rachel Poli | Drama | Creative Writing | Wattpad Stories | Author | RachelPoli.com

Title: Take Over
Author: Rachel Poli
Genre: Fiction, Young Adult

Series: Standalone
Publisher: Wattpad
Publication Date: April 23, 2018


Some say senior year is the best. For Roxie, it’s going to be a long one.

Senior year of high school is all about living it up and making the most of your final year before stepping into the real world. For Roxie Smith, she just wants to get through the school year.

For her friends and Brad, her boyfriend, however, they really want to leave the school with a bang. They want to be a legendary senior class and they want to go down in history.

Brad comes up with an elaborate plan to take over the school and teachers disguised as the annual senior prank. Roxie knows it’s a bad idea. She knows it’ll get out of hand. Shunned by her friends and the whole school when she decides not to take part, Roxie needs to come up with a plan to warn the teachers and stop the Take Over before things go too far.

Though maybe they already have.

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Take Over

About The Author

Rachel Poli


Rachel Poli is an author, book publicist, and podcaster. What started as simple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan fiction grew into a writing career. Rachel runs a website for writers and readers as well as a video game website with her sister. She also contributes to Pure Nintendo Magazine.

Fueled by coffee, Rachel enjoys writing short stories and novels, especially the mystery genre. Her aim is to entertain and inspire others with any and all of her writings.

When she’s not writing, Rachel is typically reading, playing video games, cleaning, or getting distracted by her dog, cat, and turtle.

Learn more about Rachel here.

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