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57 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Fantastic stuff – so good to hear you grasp a dream so early – there’s so much potential in that alone. Genius is only sustained passion – keep it going 🙂

    • Index cards? That’s awesome. XD I too have a couple stories in notebooks, but none of them are finished because I ran out of paper, lol.

  2. What can I say? I’m old fashioned. I still keep paper files and information on index cards. I do use a laptop, but I prefer documents on paper. Story ideas go on envelopes, scratch paper, and notepads. Dozens often fly around the office (when the window is open…lol)

    • That’s hilarious and very awesome! XD I’m too OCD to be like. However, whenever I get an idea, I do jot it down on whatever I can get my hands on depending on where I am at the time.

    • I have an iPad with all the appropriate apps for outlining and indexing as well as Scrivener on my desktop … yet the only way I can start to organize my stories is to write on index cards. Later I’ll transfer what I wrote to Scrivener. I’ve been influenced by John McPhee who used (uses) index cards in writing his essays and books. I think the labor of writing on index cards and then organizing them can be very stimulating. Maybe it’s a generational thing … I’m old enough to be Rachel’s grandmother 🙂 When I started writing in the fourth-grade, I only had pencils and wide-ruled paper at my disposal. I didn’t even get a typewriter (Smith-Corona electric) until my senior year in high school. So as much as I love my iPad, I still love the sight and sound of pencil (or pen) on paper.

      Rachel, I know you’ll keep up your writing. Thank you for sharing your journey!

      • I can understand that. I live writing in notebooks to write ideas or actual stories. I just like the computer better because it’s faster and easier to count your words and pages and such. xD While I write a novel on the computer, I slowly write one in a notebook. That way, when I can’t get to a computer, I always have something to work on. The notebook novels will take me way longer to finish, but I don’t mind.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m a little bummed that I haven’t participated, and aren’t this year either, in NaNoWriMo. It would be so exciting! But I take comfort in the thought that the month of November comes every year, and that I can write as much as I like during all those other months of the year as well. Keep writing – keep blogging!

    • NaNo is so much fun. I have tried to do a “NaNo” by myself during other months, but it’s just not as exciting when you don’t have others doing it with you. I’m glad they have it during the summer, though.

  4. Rachel,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I want to encourage you about your writing. Like you, it was something I knew I wanted to do from the moment I started putting words next to each other on paper. My elementary school journal (remember those) is a collection of stories about me – NOT memoirs, made up adventures. Granted, they were only 2 paragraphs long…. In middle school, I used to write a new chapter every night so that I could read it out loud to my friends on the school bus the next morning. LOTS of stories about rescued horses with names like Blaze and Belle and Fury and girls who wanted to run away and join the Gypsies. In high school, I wrote love stories and mysteries and poetry, pages and pages of it, and I’ve kept it all. But then life happened… and I found myself, again and again, putting my pile of folders aside to deal with it. I’m in my forties now and FINALLY have the opportunity to be serious about my writing again. NOT because life “freed me up,” but because I finally put my foot down and MADE it a priority. I’m so glad – it’s exhilarating to be doing what God created me to do – but if I had my years back, it’s the one thing I’d do differently. I’d write as fast and furiously then as I do now. I’d pursue my writing career as doggedly and as ferociously and as fearlessly as I do now.

    Rachel – that was a long-winded way to say, YOU GO, GIRL! I know, my kids would be horrified to know I’ve actually written that to you, but it’s exactly what I mean to say. You. Go. Girl. Don’t stop. Whatever it takes, if this is your dream, fight for it.


    • Thank you so much. 😀 That is a very nice story. It’s too bad that you haven’t been able to stick with it, but at least you can finally get something done now. Good luck to you and thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  5. Cool! Good luck with your writing. If you ever need an illustrator let me know and I’ll send you my art portfolio. I’ve always wanted to do art for a children’s book. Also thank you for stopping by my blog, and have a great day. 🙂

  6. Thank you for stopping by! Writing is truly an amazing process of a discovery of self. It’s adventuresome and risk taking because we never know what we are going to get from the chocolate box of self. But keep writing because that’s the best way, if it is to you, to find out.

  7. Go Rachel! Don’t wait until you are as old as I was to start ‘getting out there’. My grandson is 9 and has been putting books together for a year.He had career day at school yesterday and went as an author.Anyway, Good for you! I’ll be checking in on your blog.Thanks for checking out mine!

    • I never had a career at any of my schools. Although I wish I did. They seem as though they would be really interesting. My cousins are eight and ten and they like to write “books” about my cat, Hunter. They have no grammar sense and they can’t spell, but the pictures are pretty good. And hopefully they stick with it so that they can continue to get better and enjoy it. 🙂

  8. The best thing is to let them be creative,Rachel.Maybe after a while you can gently guide them without cramping their style, that would be good; it will show that someone is interested.
    We should get them together with my grandson…his books are about my cats, Oranges and Bella!

    • I think it’s funny that that’s how it starts. I know my cousins started because they saw my sister and I writing, but they have come up with a few interesting “plots” with my cat. They made new characters and everything. It’s amazing how young it starts and it makes me wonder just what exactly they’ll be when they grow up.

      • I think a lot of us are in the same boat.I moved to a small town and it isn’t exactly the intellectual capital of the world! With blogging and other blogs, you meet not only other writers, but all sorts of writers, and find that you don’t have to limit yourself to any one genre or style. Best of luck to both of you. (All of us!)

      • And I suppose is the real problem sometimes. I have just a couple of friends listening to my weird ideas, maybe a couple of friend writers and not much more! Whenever you want, you can find me here!

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am impressed to see how hard you started working at such a young age. I didn’t start all of this until a few years ago. Its hard work but its a passion. I look forward to reading more from you!

  10. Wow, ninety-nine young adult novels in one lifetime! I love the spirit! Keep writing!

    And you even have a hardcopy of your writings. Now, that’s a real archive. A physical archive. I wanna do the same. 🙂

  11. I’m not the only one! Woo hoo! In your story about how you started writing and seeing the image of your works in a pile of folders made me giddy. And felt kinda weird too. O.o

    I started writing at a young age too, finishing a middle-aged “novel” when I was in fifth grade, encouraged by my teacher at the time. I was writing before then, but not as much as I have since then.

    I, too, started on FanFiction and switched to FictionPress (and have since stopped using that).

    Keep writing! Maybe someday you’ll finish the other 115/121. 🙂

    • There’s some novels in that list that I don’t even remember what they were about…I just jotted them down because I thought they were good title ideas, lol.

      I like FanFiction better than FictionPress, but I haven’t been on either one in a really long time.

  12. I love seeing so many similar stories about writers who first started writing. In third grade my friend and I kept starting “novels” in composition books about two girls running away from home to go on an adventure to find the golden elephant that their real father left for them (I am not kidding) and it was like 90% character description. I guess as long as you start with such silly nonsense there is nowhere to go but up!

  13. hey Rachel – i’m wanting to start putting my writing up on my blog more (!!) but i was wondering about worrying about anyone stealing it or some such thing? it feels silly to think that could actually happen, but i didn’t know if that was something you worry about also? and if so, if there’s something you’ve done to try and protect it? =)

    • You know, it’s something that’s crossed my mind, but it was never anything I worried about. It’s very easy to highlight the words on a post, copy it, and then paste it into a Word document claiming it as your own. So, could it happen? Yeah. Will it happen? I’m no expert, but I would say unlikely.

      There are so many blogs and websites in the Internet that has original work on them whether it’s writing, artwork, or something else. As far as I know, nothing has ever happened like that.

      I would just go for it and post your writing. As stated, there are so many other blogs solely dedicated to writing, so we’re all in the same boat. When you post your writing, the majority of your audience is going to be other writers and I have yet to meet a rude writer here on WordPress. We all love and support each other. Sure, you’ll get readers from outside of WordPress, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

      I use the blockquote on my writing to quote the whole passage. It’s not exactly a “copyright” and doesn’t really “protect” my writing, but it does show that it’s mine.

      Sorry for the long-winded response, but I hope this helped and put your mind at ease! 🙂 Good luck and happy writing!

      • You did! Thank you. It’s not like my writing is simply ahhhamazing but i just was curious if it was a common concern. I am excited to start sharing my work more though. thanks for taking the time to ease a fellow-writers’ mind

        • I’m sure your writing is great! It’s always exciting to share your work with fellow writers and the world. I’m sure everything will be just fine. 🙂

  14. Like you, I started writing when I was young. I could not pinpoint my age if I wanted to. All I know is I started writing in elementary school. I even had a couple of my poems – which were absolutely horrendous – published in my elementary school’s book.

    Another writing site you could look into is:

    I have been a member of for twelve – going on thirteen – years in 2016. I found it through “Writer’s Digest” magazine. It was when I joined. Then, it changed to not too long after. If you do join, and it asks who referred you, just put this username: amethyst78, that is me. This site helped me write again, after nine years of not writing anything. So, I highly recommend it.

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