Book Publicity

I have done the following tasks, but not limited to these tasks:

  • Find book reviewers and coordinate reviews, author interviews, and guest posts for the author on the reviewers’ blogs, Goodreads pages, and Amazon pages
  • Create social media graphics, banners, etc.
  • Coordinated and scheduled virtual blog tours

Below is a gallery of the books and authors I’ve worked with.

  • Horatio and the Fear of Dying
  • Lulu's Ballalam-Bam-Bam Grooves!
  • Into the Light
  • Jozi Flash 2017
  • A Noble's Path

Content Writing

I write in various topics including what’s listed below, but not limited to this list:

  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Writing craft
  • Pets (dogs, aquariums, etc.)
  • Gaming
  • Reviews (products, video games, books, etc.)

Below are samples to live articles I’ve written for each website.