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Let me tell you a little about me. I’ve been writing since I was 10-years-old. Originally starting with Ninja Turtle fan fiction, I began writing because my sister did it. It stuck. I like to write in a few different genres, though I main in mystery and love to write a good short story or flash fiction.

I post novellas on Wattpad and I’ve also stepped into the self-publishing world. My debut book, Sunday Morning: A Collection of 52 Flash Fiction is out now! You can find it on Amazon and a few other places as well. Aside from this blog, another great way to stay up to date with my books and also access to an exclusive community, you can check out my Patreon page.

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This blog began in May 2012. I wanted to use it as an author platform and to share my creative writing with the world. It’s grown so much since then. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have learned so much about writing, blogging, and a whole lot more. This blog is updated on a daily basis about creative writing, reading, life happenings, and so much more.

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I’m an avid reader and book reviewer. I enjoy an array of genres, though I have my favorites such as cozy mystery and the middle-grade age. I have a Kindle, though I prefer reading paperback copies. Still, I read a book in any format I can get my hands on. I love reading books newly published and ones that have been on the shelves for a little while so my book reviews can be a little all over the place, but I read what I’m in the mood for.

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To begin, I interned with a book publicist for a few months and helped out with a blog book tour for a publishing company. I provide services through this blog that help authors market their books or blogger get their blog in order and so much more. It’s a living doing what I love.

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Video games are one of my hobbies and passions. My sister and I run a video game blog together called Double Jump where we post game reviews, gaming news, and opinion pieces. We’re also active on Twitch if you enjoy watching others play games. I also contribute to Pure Nintendo magazine writing game reviews.

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The youngest of three girls, I live with my mother, father, and one older sister, Kris. My other older sister lives with her husband and two nephews. I also have a cat named Chase, a dog named Chip, a turtle named Raph, and a fish tank. If I’m not writing, reading, or playing video games, I’m usually playing with the animals or cleaning the house.

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  1. Nice to meet you in your story, Rachel. I just recieced notice that you liked my update on my blog. Thank you. writing is such an indeavor and it takes years and years to learn how to put words on paper that someone else would enjoy reading. If you scedule gives you the change to attend a writer’s group, I would suggest you start. better to learn while young and bright and energetic. I wish you well.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, Rachel. I’m glad you liked it–hopefully you’ll find it helpful as you navigate the writing, publishing world! Sometimes I feel pretty overwhelmed by it, but here’s to getting our feet in the door 🙂

  3. Thanks for liking my post! I dropped over to check out your blog, and the first thing I want to say to you is that yes, you are adorable! The next thing I want to share with you is something shared with me when I called myself a “wannabe writer.” You are a writer — you are writing right here on this blog, and in your “about” piece you mention other things you have written. So, Rachel — You.Are.A.Writer!

  4. Thanks for liking one of my blog posts! I really appreciate it! 🙂

    Great blog you’ve got here! I’ll be sure to follow! Glad you’re a writer too! 🙂

  5. It’s funny, because when I saw your picture, “adorable” actually did come to my mind! Along with sweetheart, lovely, warm, happy, and a few others. 🙂

    I love your candor, it’s so refreshing, even disarming. I’m excited to read more, and I’m already wishing you good luck in your journey to become a published author, and even just to be happy in life!

  6. Hey Rachel–Thanks for paying my blog a visit. But I want more. As you most likely picked up, I started my blog to share my zeal for memoir writing, with hopes I hear the life stories of my visitors. Please stay a little while next visit @ catch the cathartic buzz that results from sharing more of the raw, transparent memories that helped make you who you are today. I like your pick–Your look “matches” your writing!

  7. Hi Rachel – I’d be happy to provide you with a free kindle copy of “A Ghost Named Mankey” to share with your YA readers. Let me know if you’re interested. Oh, and it is so awesome to see you flying through your education and getting ready to teach America’s youth!!!

  8. Rachel, thanks for stopping by and the ‘like.’ Anyone with your level of drive and organization cannot fail to do well at whatever you set your mind and heart to.

  9. Hi, Rachel:
    Thanks for ‘Liking’ my blog post! I’m an old guy, and I’ve been writing and publishing for several years. It’s a lot of work – research, writing, editing, rewriting without end; not fun, but it can be very rewarding in all kinds of ways. Stick to it! I do wish you and all young writers all the very best in this slightly screwed-up world of ours.

  10. Great to meet you, Rachel! One member of my family has her Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Presently, she is teaching grade 4. All the very best in education and in your writing goals.

  11. You have selected a rewarding career in supporting the learning of young children. What could be more important than setting them on a path of successful learning.

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