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How Do You Deal With One-Star Reviews?

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Check out episode 58 with our special guest, Wilmar Luna!

How do you deal with one-star reviews? | The Merry Writer Podcast | Indie Authors | Creative Writing |

Episode 058: How do you deal with one-star reviews?

In this week’s episode, Ari and I are joined by special guest Wilmar Luna to discuss dealing with one-star reviews on your books. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag, #TheMerryWriterPodcast. Be sure to give it a listen through the YouTube video below or any of the links below. Enjoy!

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About Wilmar Luna

Wilmar Luna couldn’t be a superhero in real life so he decided to write his own. When he’s not writing about empowered female characters he can be found watching films, reading books, and playing too many video games.

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One thought on “How Do You Deal With One-Star Reviews?

  1. One of the best reviews I’ve read of my work was a sneering, distateful negative review of it that nonetheless made me think and make changes for the better in my next one.

    On the reader’s side, I learned of one of my favorite authors (Jon Land) from a highly negative review of one of his books.

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