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Happy Sunday!

This week’s short story is brought to you by the prompt, “regret.”

I hope you enjoy the story.

"Regret" | Short Story Sunday | Flash Fiction | Creative Writing |

It wasn’t until after the moment had passed that Willow regretted every single one of her decisions. Instead of explaining how she felt, she didn’t say anything at all. Instead of letting her friend walk away, she kept chasing after her with the intention of saying something but never saying anything at all.

Willow knew Christie was more than annoyed after the third time she had stopped her. Christie didn’t say anything either. The look on her face said it all – the way she rolled her eyes to the back of her head, the way she lolled her head to the side as she turned back around the face Willow. It made Willow feel awful but whenever Christie stared at her with that dark look in her gaze, she couldn’t find the words.

It wasn’t enough that they were best friends. Willow knew it wasn’t fair of her to ask Christie to stay, which was why she didn’t say anything at all.

Christie had a huge opportunity for her if she moved to the other side of the country. She was finally getting her big break to be an actress. Willow was happy for her, of course, but she knew long-distance friendships were hard to maintain. Not to mention if Christie was constantly filming she wouldn’t be able to keep in touch as much.

What if Christie became the next big movie star? Then she’d forget all about Willow who was still stuck in their small home town inside a cubicle all day. What was she doing with her life?

Willow dreamed of doing something big as well though she didn’t have the guts to go after her dream like Christie did. Willow knew that was something she’d regret – it was something she regretted already. But now that her best friend was moving on without her it was an even bigger regret.

She watched Christie leave the room to board her plane. Her friend looked over her shoulder, gave Willow a sad, nervous smile, and a small wave. Willow returned the goodbye. She was happy for Christie. But she had no idea where to go from here.

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2 thoughts on ““Regret”

  1. This is such a real-life situation. I see so many of my old friends that moved to do what they wanted and I always wonder if they are happier than they would have been. Hindsight Bias…I am a huge victim. Lol

    • Yeah, it’s such a common thing in life. I remember my sister going through it with her high school group of friends. There was about ten of them and most of them moved away to college. She only keeps in touch with one of them now. It really does make you wonder. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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