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March 2021 Check-In

Another month has come and gone! It’s time for our monthly mental health check-in.

How were you during the month of March? 

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I am not a mental health professional. I speak about my own experiences with mental health but it should not be taken as medical advice. This is just a safe space for all to check in with one another. If you are having a hard time or have medical questions, please seek help through your doctor. Thank you.

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March was rough. I’ll be the first to admit it.

The first week or so of March especially was tough. I was in a steady state of sadness. I was exhausted. That’s the beauty of dysthymia, though. A few stressful things happened to me at the beginning of March, so I’m sure that didn’t help either.

Then, miraculously, the sun came out on March 12th and it was in the 60s. It was beautiful out and because it was a Friday, I was home all day. I cleaned inside the house with all the windows open and I also cleaned my car so I was able to spend some time outside. It was great.

After that, my mood for March was better. It wasn’t great, but it was better.

How about you? How was your March? I hope the warmer weather is starting to set in for you and you’re feeling great!

Mental health challenge

As you guys can probably tell, I’ve been trying to talk more about my mental health lately or about mental health in general. I’ve been open about it on my email list as well and I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have emailed back talking about their own mental health. Honestly, I think it’s great.

While I’m not a mental health professional, I’m glad some of you feel comfortable reaching out to talk about your own experiences and I’m also glad to know that my experiences have helped you guys in return. It helps me as must as it does you.

So, I decided to give this a little boost each month in the form of a challenge.

In addition to these monthly check-ins, I’ll talk about it to my email list as well. (So, be sure to join that if you haven’t already – it’s free!) These challenges are going to be something simple for each month. It’s going to be something just to make sure we take care of ourselves and help boost our mood a bit.

With spring officially here, I thought a perfect challenge for April will be to get into an exercise routine. Interpret that as you will. Whether you want to take a half-hour a day to do some yoga or you want to go for a walk each day. Or maybe you’ll try to get in a routine with Ring Fit Adventure.

For me? A few times around my neighborhood equals a mile. So, when the weather is nice, I plan to walk a mile each day. Get myself moving and also get out in the sun.

Let me know if you’ll try this challenge as well in the comments below! Here’s to a great April.

Let’s get through this together.

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12 thoughts on “March 2021 Check-In

  1. I like the idea for your April challenge. I think committing to getting outside and walking everyday will do a lot to lift my spirits and help me physically, too!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that March started out rough, but glad it got better. Hope things get even better soon. I support you, my friend.

    I’m doing okay. March was an up and down month. But I’m hanging in there.

    I think you have a great idea. I’m kind of already in an exercise routine, but I’d love to hear your ideas. 🙂 I support you :).

    • Thanks so much, Alex. 🙂 Things are better with the sun out!

      I’m awful at keeping exercise routines so a daily walk is a good bare minimum, I think, lol. As always, I support you as well. 🙂

      • My pleasure 🙂 So glad that the sun helps you! 🙂 Hope the weather stays sunny for a while.

        Yes, a daily walk is a good idea. Do you plan to walk a mile each day? And thank you 🙂 I appreciate your support, Rachel!

  3. My month was the opposite way around to yours.

    The first half of March was great: I was just starting to carve out some writing time again, loving doing crafts, and making great progress with all the unpacking and organizing I’ve been working on. I was in a good place both physically and mentally.

    Then I shut my hand in a car door, badly bruising it and breaking one of my fingers (luckily the door didn’t close fully, or I’d have done worse). Around a week later I had a Covid Vaccination, and – as I knew would be the case, so now wish I’d stuck to my original plan of avoiding it – have been suffering badly with reactions from it. Between both things I can’t do much, and I’m not in a very good place mentally because of it.

    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear all that. I hope you feel better from the vaccination soon. Was the finger you broke on your dominant hand?

      • Yes. I broke the middle finger on my right hand, and the fingers either side of it were painful and badly bruised, so I had very little use of the hand. I can now mostly use it, as long as I’m careful of the still not fully healed middle finger, but even now I’m having to rely on the opposite hand to what I’m used to using.

        Thanks. Things got bad enough that I had a hospital trip because of the jab reaction, and essentially all I can do is ride it out and hope it goes away soon. I was hoping they could give me some good painkillers, but I’m unable to have all the good stuff due to either allergies or it not being able to be given to people with the health issues I have, so they couldn’t even do that. In fact, since some people recover in a matter of days, and others are still suffering after several weeks, they can’t even tel me how long this could potentially last. I’m banned from having the second one because of how bad my reaction has been to the first though.

        • Oh, man, I can’t believe that… that awful. I hope everything feels better soon. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help from afar. I’ll be thinking of you.

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