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How to Create a Self-Care Kit and Why You Need One

What are some of your favorite things? What are some things that help you feel calm or at peace? A self-care kit will help with just that.

We all have that special something – even if it’s a guilty pleasure – that helps us get through difficult times. Or it simply helps us to relax.

There are times when I’m feeling down that I plop myself on the couch and stare into the abyss, going over conversations and scenarios (what happened, what could have happened, what can still happen, etc.) in my head. It never helps so try doing something that takes your mind off of it.

This is where a care package to yourself comes in.

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Why you should have a self-care kit

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of a funk. When we’re feeling stressed, anxious, sad, or angry, and we can’t always get ourselves to feel better.

Sure, you can always talk to a close family member or friend to help feel better or to talk out your feelings and situation. However, there are other times when you may feel like you just want to be left alone.

Self-care is important and so is “me time.” This is why it’s important to give yourself some alone time with some of your favorite things that will help calm you down and relax you.

Creating your self-care kit

Building this care package is part of the fun and relaxing in its own way. First, find a box – any size. You can use a shoebox or an empty delivery box. You could also use a plastic bin if you want. Just make sure it’s big enough to put what you want in it. Also, make sure it’s big (or small) enough to fit where you want it to go.

Decorating your box

First things first, go ahead and decorate your self-care kit. Arts and crafts are therapeutic in their own right. If you have a bland cardboard box, then why not toss some glitter and stickers on there?

Of course, it’s totally up to you, but I like to take that extra detour in decoration before filling the box with anything right away.

Filling your box

When you’re ready, now you can begin to fill your box.

The point of this box is to be a “care package” to yourself. Its purpose is to help you relax, to help you remain calm and at peace. Whenever you’re feeling anxious, sad, angry, what have you, open the box and take a moment to care for yourself.

Items inside the box should be things that you love, things that help relax you.

For me? Pokemon cards. Whenever I feel anxious or stressed, I take out my Pokemon cards and organize them in their binders. My back usually hurts afterward (because I always make the bright decision to do it on the floor) but my mind feels better after, so it works out.

What to put in your box

Put in whatever you want, but here are just a few ideas.

  1. Knitting supplies – if that helps relax you, toss in a ball of yarn or two along with some needles
  2. Candles or other insense
  3. A coloring book with markers or crayons
  4. A small journal with pens or pencils to briefly write your thoughts
  5. A DVD of your favorite movie or TV show
  6. A favorite snack or pack of gum
  7. Bubble bath
  8. A puzzle book
  9. Nail polish or other make-up
  10. Your favorite book
  11. Old favorite photos to look through
  12. A blanket, slippers, or fuzzy socks
  13. Fidget items (stress ball, slime, play-doh, legos, etc.)
  14. Tissues
  15. A gift card to your favorite store – buy this ahead of time to give yourself some retail therapy later.

Have fun with your self-care kit. Then put it in a special place where you can easily access it when needed. Don’t forget to keep it well-stocked, too!

Do you have a self-care kit? What do you put it in? Let me know in the comments.Blog Signature |

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