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The Mass of Men by Rachel K. Wentz

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Title: The Mass of Men
Author: Rachel K. Wentz
Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure

Series: Standalone
Publisher: Rachel K. Wentz
Publication Date: January 2021 (originally October 2013)

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The Mass of Men by Rachel K. Wentz is a fascinating read with great insight into what people need to go through in order to become a firefighter. While the actual story elements are fiction, the rest of it – training at the academy – is true.

Knowing someone who went through the academy and is now a firefighter, I found this book to be pretty relatable, even though I didn’t go through it myself. However, Sam, the protagonist, is the only female at the academy. There are issues of sexism in the story as not all of her peers thought she should be there. I was annoyed at these characters but it was done well. Each character had their own ups and downs and struggles and learned to work as a team.

If you know a firefighter in real life or are just interested in seeing what they have to go through, this is a great read.

The Mass of Men by Rachel K. Wentz


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The Mass of Men by Rachel K. Wentz is an action-packed story of a group of people going through the academy to become firefighters. Not only do they need to do well in class but they also have to work as a team. This is an insightful read with interesting characters.


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