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Timothy’s Adventures by Tanya Packer

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Title: Timothy’s Adventures
Author: Tanya Packer
Genre: Devotional, Christian, Religious, Children’s

Series: Standalone
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication Date: April 24, 2018

Book Review: Timothy's Adventures by Tanya Packer | Devotional | Children's | Fiction |

Timothy is a young boy going through life with the help of his new Sunday school teacher, Nanny, and friends. From getting to know a new Sunday school teacher to finding a box of lost puppies, to sticking up for friends when they’re bullied, Timothy has quite the adventures, navigating through life.

When I read this book, even though it’s a continuous story, I felt as though I was reading short stories. These chapters read as they could be standalones. I’m not entirely sure if that was done on purpose, but I liked it. At the end of each chapter, there are discussion questions for kids to have with their parents along with Bible passages to go over.

Since this is geared toward kids, the writing style and the characters themselves were young and simple. However, some of the chapter topics based on bullying or the color of someone’s skin was done well enough that the children can understand. Honestly, some adults should definitely read this book!

I’m looking forward to see more from this author and I’ll certainly be using this book in my own Sunday school class.

Timothy’s Adventures by Tanya Packer


Writing Style


Timothy’s Adventures by Tanya Packer is a quick read that’s a delight for all ages. Children will especially enjoy this read and learn along the way. It’s certainly worth the read.


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