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January 2021 Check-In

Another month has come and gone! It’s time for our monthly mental health check-in.

How were you during the month of January?

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I am not a mental health professional. I speak about my own experiences with mental health but it should not be taken as medical advice. This is just a safe space for all to check in with one another. If you are having a hard time or have medical questions, please seek help through your doctor. Thank you.

Mental Health Monday: January 2021 Check-In | Mental Health Matters |

I seemed to have blinked and the entirety of January has disappeared. Yes, we still have a week to go but it’s the last Monday of the month.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the month and think ahead going forward.

For me, my January has been pretty quick. It was by in the blink of an eye. I got a good amount of work done which was nice. I didn’t give myself as much “me time” as I had planned though. Hours and days just seemed to keep getting away from me. So, that’s definitely something I want to implement going further.

January was good. Nothing too major happened. My work is going well, my cousins slept over at one point and we watched movies and played video games. I was also able to get together with some friends through Zoom.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.

So, how are things with you? How are you feeling? A lot happened in the world this month and in the past year. Are you doing okay? Feel free to let me know any highs or lows from the month in the comments (if you’re comfortable sharing).

Let’s get through this together.

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15 thoughts on “January 2021 Check-In

  1. Hi Rachel! I’m glad January was good and that things are good overall. Also glad that you had fun with your cousins and got to meet up with friends over Zoom 🙂

    I am having an up and down month. It started off really good, but has been a roller coaster since then. Also feeling burnt out again. I definitely need some more “me” time myself and need to change up habits.

    I hope we’ll both be able to get more “me time” next month. All the best. I support you, my friend!

    • Thanks, Alex!

      I’m sorry January has been an up and down month for you. It happens and it’s annoying. More “me” time is a great idea and I hope you’re able to find that time going forward. 🙂

      I support you, too. You got this!

      • You’re welcome, my friend! Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it :). You’re right, ups and downs happen so often. Would you say it’s a good idea to mark “me time” on a planner each day? I might do that. I hope we both find more “me time” 🙂

        And you got this too! You are awesome, Rachel! :). 🙂

  2. January started pretty good, but then I had a very tense week or two of strong nerves, waiting for a call back from an important call. Finally I received that call and am so relieved to have gotten that out of the way that my mood and appetite came back again. What a relief. Now if only I can focus on brainstorming a story hehe! 👍😊💕

  3. I’m doing OK. It’s mostly been a good month… We even had an awesome snow day on Sunday, which I loved. I didn’t get all the “me time” I planned either, but I got some in, and the main reason I didn’t get the things I was going to do for myself done was because my Dad announced that I was to be the one inheriting all my Nan’s craft supplies (she left everything to him, and as Nan’s only Grandaughter, he decided they should go to me) and he’s been slowly bringing those over for me to sort out and organize. Nan had a lot of craft supplies, so it’s a big job, but it’s also sort of emotionally draining for us both, since sorting through Nan’s stuff sort of feels like we’re removing chunks of her from our lives. I know she’s already gone (I mean, she died in August) and would want us to do this – Dad does too. I’m also excited about getting the crafting stuff, and looking forward to playing with it. Not to mention, Nan taught me to do some of the crafts – in particular knitting and sewing – in the first place, and using her tools sometimes will be nice, and will help me feel close to her. But… I’m stealing this description from my Dad, since it fits… You know when you’re getting rid of files on your computer, and you get that prompt asking if you’re sure you want to delete the file? Well, it feels a bit like we’re in the folder with the ‘Nan’ label, getting that prompt, and clicking the ‘yes’ button every time.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your Nan. But it is nice that you’re getting those craft supplies even if you have to get rid of things. That’s a big job.

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