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The Troubled Seminarian by Neal Grey

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Title: The Troubled Seminarian
Author: Neal Grey
Genre: Historical Fiction

Series: N/A
Publisher: Neal Grey
Publication Date: November 1, 2018

The Troubled Seminarian by Neal Grey | Book Review | Historical Fiction |

This book explores a few different religions as the protagonist struggles with his own faith during the Protestant Reformation. It touches upon Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. So, if you’re into history and religion, then this might be a book to give a try.

The characters had relatable problems and were well-written. The overall story, while I did enjoy it to an extent, felt bland at times. It got to a point where the research weighed heavily on the story part. I felt like some parts were more “textbook” which jarred me out of the story.

The Troubled Seminarian by Neal Grey


Writing Style


The Troubled Seminarian by Neal Grey is an interesting read filled with religious and historical facts and enlightening characters.


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