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Adding “Me Time” Once Per Week

As part of my mental health resolutions, I wanted to set aside some time each week to spend alone. I feel like I’m constantly working and even though I enjoy what I do, I still need some time to step back, relax, and unplug for a bit.

So, here’s what I’m planning on doing.

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Mental Health Monday: Me Time |

I’ve decided to have some “me time” on Wednesday nights. I chose this night for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s the middle of the week so it should serve as a nice break
  2. My sister and I alternate days cleaning from dinner and Wednesdays are her night – so, I have no “responsibilities” that night

My goal is to have some time for myself for an hour or two… or maybe three. At least an hour – that’s what I’m aiming for.

Of course, at the time of writing this post, the eight-year-old I babysit has horseback riding on Wednesdays now. This means I’ll get home late on Wednesdays and by the time I eat dinner and shower I might be ready for bed. So, we’ll see how this actually goes.

I’ll be flexible though. I can change my day to Thursdays or something. I’ll plan on Wednesdays but take it as a week-by-week basis.

Anyway, how did I do this?

I made a list

Mental Health Monday: Me Time |

First, I made a list of some self-care activities I’d like to do. In case you would like to steal any of these ideas, here they are:

  1. Take a bubble bath
  2. Organize Pokemon cards
  3. Color/Draw
  4. Journal
  5. Listen to music and/or create a new Spotify playlist
  6. Listen to a podcast
  7. Create a mood or vision board
  8. Create an aesthetic for one of my novels or characters
  9. Read
  10. Play video games
  11. Jigsaw puzzles
  12. Legos
  13. Veg with a movie/YouTube/Twitch
  14. Declutter or organize something
  15. Learn something new
  16. Retail therapy
  17. Create a collage or scrapbook
  18. Puzzles (Sudoku, word searches, etc.)
  19. Craft

Some of these activities might sound a bit weird. Organizing Pokemon cards? I have a ton. I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid and still do. Organizing them has always been therapeutic for me.

Reading and playing video games? I know, these are sort of considered “work” since I write reviews on a few different websites for these. But I still enjoy them and want to spend some time reading books and playing games I want rather than playing or reading something for the sake of a review.

Declutter or organize? I love cleaning. Cleaning is therapeutic for me and decluttering something will make anyone feel good, especially if it’s something that’s been building up for a while.

Learn something new? I have too many things I want to try or learn about. This is a great way to improve myself and focus on something else for a little bit.

Legos? Legos are fun.

Retail therapy? I actually never buy anything for myself. I’m a saver – which is a good thing – but I want to splurge on myself once in a while. Will I spend hundreds of dollars in one week on myself? No. I just want to buy something nice for myself, that’s all.

Only 19?

Mental Health Monday: Me Time |

Yes, only 19. I couldn’t think of anything else. So, what I did was write each activity down on a strip of paper three times. Three of the activities I wrote four times. So, I have 60 total inside a mug.

If you come up with anything else I could do, I’d love to hear it.

Considering I get home around dinner and (at this time) it’s pitch black outside around dinner and also (at this time) we’re still in a pandemic, I had trouble coming up with things to do outside of the house.

They’re in a mug on my desk

After making the list, I cut strips of scrap paper (colorful paper, of course) and write each activity on one. As I said, all activities are written three times and a couple of them are written four times.

I folded them and stuck them in a mug. I was going to steal a mason jar from my kitchen but I have quite a collection of mugs on my dresser and in my dresser drawers (because I have no room for them but I cannot part with them). So I took one of those mugs and now it’s my Self-Care Mug.

As I said, I don’t know if it will be every single Wednesday but I’m going to do my best to set aside time – even if it’s just an hour – every single week. I need this and I think it will help a lot in the long run.

Do you add “me time” to your routine? What do you do for self-care? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Adding “Me Time” Once Per Week

  1. I love this practice you have added to your life; a self-care night sounds perfect and I love that you have variety available under your hand. Organizing has always helped me find peace too. šŸ™‚

  2. Adding proper “me time” to my routine is something I’m working on making a priority this year too. I’m doing things a little differently though. I’ve got a list of some things I want to do every day, and a list for stuff I’d like to do at least once a week, which I’m setting days for. My plan is to do the daily things for at least a few minutes every day, and each of the weekly things for at least an hour each per week.

    Every day I want to:
    *Enjoy a quiet cup of tea while listening to some music

    My weekly self care activities list though is:
    *Have a bubble bath (scented candles optional)
    *Have a movie/TV show night where I just curl up somewhere and watch a DVD or something on a streaming service
    *Work on crafts (I even re-activated a craft box subscription service I used to get to encourage this)

    My tentative plan for the weekly thing is a bubble bath on Friday night, a Saturday movie night, and a Sunday afternoon crafting session.

    • Oh, that’s an excellent idea. I like that you want to do a little something every day. Do you have the Calm app? I use that quite a bit for breathing and background sounds.

      I love your weekly activities too! You’re truly going to use the weekends to recharge and that’s awesome. Bubble baths are the best, lol. What craft box subscription do you use, if you don’t mind my asking? I’ve heard of book boxes and such but not crafts, that’s pretty cool.

      • No. I don’t have the calm app. I keep considering trying it, but never seem to get around to it.

        We found the craft ones when looking for ones that would be potentially accessable for me. I tried a couple, but one stopped doing their boxes soon afterwards, one was clearly made for pre-school aged children (and quite frankly not worth the money, since you could buy them the supplies for way cheaper) and one just wasn’t as good as it sounded. But this one – the one I resubscribed to recently – was fantastic, and I really enjoyed the kits I’ve done from it so far. Anyway, it’s the Makerly Crafts box. They’re based in the UK, but do deliver outside of the UK, in case you’re wondering. The price is pretty reasonable, and they do a different project every month that could be any kind of craft, with all instructions, tools, and supplies included (and often extra supplies left over so you can add them to your existing supplies). I love that you not only get the surprise of not knowing what kind of craft project you’ll be doing until your box arrives, but you also then get the fun of doing the craft afterwards. I stopped it because I was in the hospital more than out of it, and then there was the whole moving twice in one year thing… I’m really excited to be having it again though, even though I do have some previous kits I haven’t yet completed. They should be sending out January’s box any day now.

        • Calm is a great app. Definitely worth trying it for free if you get the chance. I’ve found it so useful.

          That sounds great! I’m going to look that up. Thank you! Have fun with the craft when it comes. šŸ™‚

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