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Mental Health Resolutions for 2021

I didn’t necessarily make any New Year’s resolutions for 2021 this year. I usually make writing goals, reading goals, etc. I decided to do something different in which those goals have been turned into quarterly goals. I have something I want to aim for and hope to reach it by the end of three months and keep moving forward.

So, I guess that’s my resolution overall: keep moving forward. No matter what it is.

Mental Health: 2021 Resolutions |

Mental health resolutions

The main thing I want to focus on this year is my mental health. So, my resolutions aren’t exactly “tangible.” It won’t be easy and nothing will happen overnight.

There isn’t an end goal for this. I mainly want to be more aware of my mental health and take care of myself better in that respect.

That includes doing a few things.

Letting go

Easier said than done, right?

I hold onto a lot of things and overthink things constantly. I know this isn’t something that will magically be fixed but I want to focus on letting things go this year rather than harping on them for months at a time. It’s never a good feeling when you’re upset about something and no one else seems to be bothered by it.

So, I need to retrain my thinking. Is it worth worrying over? Or do I need to talk about it?

This goes for everything, too. It’s not just situations but people. I’m sure we’ve all been there when we need to take a step back from certain relationships.

Enjoy some “me time”

I’ll talk about this in next week’s Mental Health Monday post, but I decided to set aside one night per week (at least) to be alone and have some “me time.”

I’m awful at relaxing and I think this will get me in a habit of taking some time to give myself some TLC.

Get in an exercise routine

Yes, this does wonders for your mental health. Even if I only take a walk for 20 minutes, I’m still counting that. I sit on the computer all day long, working. Then I babysit and sit at the kitchen table doing homework with the kids for the afternoon.

I’d like to take some time each day to move my body and give my eyes a break from the screen.

I’ve already been doing this for a couple of weeks now then promptly skipped Christmas week and the week after that before the new year. So, I know I can do it. I just need to pick it back up and stick with it again.

That’s all I thought of

I don’t have any other ideas at the moment. Then again, those three things might be enough.

Overall, I just want to start being more away of my mental health, caring for it, and being more open about it.

What about you? How will you be taking care of your mental health this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Mental Health Resolutions for 2021

  1. Good things to focus on. Sounds very much like my main goal for 2021, which is to practice better self care. I do have a few other goals for the year, but self care is the most important one, for the sake of both my mental and physical health. I hope we both achieve it.

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