A Noble’s Path by I.L. Cruz [Book Review]

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Title: A Noble’s Path
Author: I.L. Cruz
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Series: Enchanted Isles, book 2
Publisher: Bosky Flame Press
Publication Date: January 31, 2020


A Noble’s Path, book two of the Enchanted Isles series, picks up where book one left off. There’s a lot at stake and Inez seems to be in more trouble than she was before.

I found the plot of this particular book to be especially well done since it truly hit the mark on the head when it came to snowballing the events of the first book into the second one. I enjoyed this one a lot.


All the characters were back and it seemed that some had more of a hand in the events than before which was nice to see. There was more romance between Inez and Zavier this time around too.

Writing Style

The author did a good job at explaining what happened in book two throughout book two. I always recommend reading a series in order but you can read this one without reading book one without feeling too lost.

The world holds up well in this one and I enjoyed jumping back into it.

A Noble’s Path by I.L. Cruz


Writing Style


A Noble’s Path held up to its potential following the first book and beyond. I’m looking forward to the third book.


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