Short Story Sunday 294: Fast

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Rachel opened the top of her turtle tank. She reached in, cupped her hand around her turtle’s shell and pulled her out. Cora held onto the small reptile with both hands as though she were about to take a bite out of her like a hamburger.

“Good morning, Raph.” She grinned, eye-level with the turtle, who poked her head out of her shell slowly stretching her long neck.

Rachel put the turtle down on the ground and watched as she slowly ambled away from her feet. Rachel stepped over her pet and walked toward her desk. She picked up the banana on the side of her desk and unpeeled it. She took a bite and then looked back down at the turtle who was now trying to crawl over her foot.

“Do you like bananas?” Rachel asked. She broke off a small piece of the banana and placed it down on the floor.

Raph wandered over to the piece, stretched out her neck to get a good look and sniff it. Rachel watched waiting for her to take a bite, but the turtle turned away and walked in the opposite direction.

Rachel shrugged and turned back to her work. Either Raph wasn’t hungry or didn’t want to bother trying the banana. Turtles were picky eaters and they were shy. They didn’t like to be watched while eating. Rachel decided to leave the banana there for now in case Raph wanted to give it a try later.

Rachel stood up from her desk. She left the room to grab her notebook from the next room. When she came back, she noticed her dog was in the room.

“Oh, hi, Chip.” She said. Then she noticed Chip was eating the piece of banana on the floor. “Chip!” she raised her voice. Not that a banana was bad for the dog, but that was supposed to be for Raph.

Raph noticed Chip eating the banana and, while she didn’t want it in the first place, felt compelled to chase the dog.

Rachel moved out of the doorway as Raph sprung into action. She began to move so fast that it was the fastest Rachel had ever seen a turtle move. Chip whimpered and ran out of the room as fast as her small legs would carry her.

Raph was a lot slower than Chip, but she was fast enough for a turtle.

Rachel laughed. She looked at Chip, who was hiding behind her.

“Well, you shouldn’t have eaten her banana.”

Words: 417

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