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It’s summer. It’s been summer for about a month now. The weather is warm, the sun is shining (mostly – it’s been raining a lot where I am). It’s time to take advantage of the season and take it outside.

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Take It Outside

As writers, we’re always on the computer. I know there are quite a few people who prefer pen to paper, but most likely we’re typing something up. Not to mention, a lot of us writers are also bloggers or on some form of social media. We’re on our phone or tablet and constantly getting work done. This is something that I’ve been learning to take a step back from since it’s taken a toll on my mental health.

Have you ever heard of seasonal depression? I’m not diagnosed with depression, just generalized anxiety disorder. However, the two can go hand in hand and there are definitely some days where I feel like I do have depression. I definitely get it the most during the winter. Snowfall is lovely as are putting on fire in the fireplace, but I’m not a fan of the cold and dreariness of it all. I also feel so much better and more like myself when the sun comes out and the weather is warm.

So, this is why I say to take it outside. Take advantage of the sun and warm weather while you can. The winter is a nice excuse to stay inside on the computer all day, but you still need some fresh air once in a while.

Sitting On The Deck

If there’s anything I’ve learned about writing, it’s that a nice change of scenery can go a long way. I love to sit outside on my deck with a pen and notebook. Or sometimes I bring my iPad, laptop, or a book. It all depends on what work I need to get done that day.

The deck is a great place in my backyard because it’s quiet (for the most part) but private. The umbrella is big enough to keep me shaded or I can move it around for myself to sit in the sun. It’s a peaceful place overall.

By The Pool

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pool anymore. It collapsed back in November, rest in peace. That thing was just a couple years younger than me so it lasted a good 20+ years. It served us well.

But I loved to sit out by the pool. We had a patio to sit on plus a swing or I could sit on the deck attached to the pool. When I got too hot, I’d take a quick dip or swim around for a bit. Not only did it give me fresh air and a slight break, but I was also moving around as well.

Don’t Take It Outside

Or, you can forget all of this and just leave your work inside and enjoy the sunshine. Play basketball, ride a bike or go for a walk. I’ve been walking a mile every night lately and it feels great. Plus, if you have a dog, let them get some exercise as well. I’m sure they can’t wait for you to get off the computer at the end of the day so they can play with you.

Do you work outside or just sit outside and soak up the sun in the summer? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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6 thoughts on “Take It Outside [Healthy Writer]

  1. Rachel, I have a friend who was diagnosed with “Sunlight Depravation Syndrome.” She lived in Pennsylvania and became depressed during the winter months. Her husband bought her a house in Florida where she spent the winter and it went away.He is retired now and they both live in the Florida house. So it is a real thing!

  2. I did this for Camp NaNoWriMo one time. All my writing was done outside in a notebook because I got tired of staring at screens. It was a nice change of pace, but I wouldn’t do it all the time. The outdoors can be distracting. I usually ended up watching birds and other wildlife.

  3. I don’t usually work outside. I might take a few notes on my phone while I’m outside, but that’s it. I would work outside sometimes if I had a nice place to sit out there near home, and hadn’t killed my laptop (I put it down and forgot where, stepping on it when looking for it, one too many times) but that’s currently not an option. I do, however, have my desk near a south facing window, which is open whenever it’s not too cold or rainy for it to be. Plus, I have dogs, and they’re the main thing that gets me to take breaks, and some of those breaks involve walks for them (especially now the younger puppy is actually allowed to go for walks).

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