WIP Wednesday [May 2019]

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This week, in particular, hasn’t been productive at all. The weekend was a weird one – with things online and in real life. It was a good weekend, but some things aren’t great and there was some weird news.

I won’t go into detail about everything, but I did already mention my grandfather going into the hospital. I’ll say that he went back into the hospital but hopefully, he’ll get to come home today. So, we’ll see what happens with that. He’s okay for the most part though.

It was also Mother’s Day so things were busy anyway. Needless to say, I didn’t get anything done over the weekend.

Which, in turn, poured into this week. I was so exhausted and out of it on Monday and Tuesday. I’m trying my best to get back into the work groove today.

So, that’s my update. I haven’t worked on anything this week. Hopefully, the rest of the week goes better and smoother.

And honestly, it’s been most of the month too. I haven’t edited as much as I planned at all. So, we’ll just see how the rest of the month goes. Fingers crossed I can get something done and everything else goes okay.

What have you been working on this month? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday [May 2019]

  1. Sorry about how your month is working out, and about your Grandfather. Glad he’s OK for the most part though.

    I’ve made some progress with the story I’m trying to finish. I thought I’d be done by now, with how much extra I’ve written, but things are taking a bit longer to happen than I thought they would, so I’m still not quite done. Still hoping to be done by the end of the month though, and as long as I continue as I have been, I “should” be.

      • Oooh, that is both a dream and a nightmare! I like the idea of doing video games as work, but I worry I’d grow to hate them simply by making them ‘work.’

        • I agree, it can be a tough balance at times. My sister and I run Double Jump, a gaming blog and we also stream. I also contribute to Pure Nintendo Magazine. It’s fun, but there are definitely times when I don’t feel like playing video games, despite my love for them, lol.

  2. I’ve been sticking to my “500 words a day” plan pretty well. At least this book is moving in a forward direction. It’s definitely in first draft condition, but I think in another 15 or 20 thousand words I can write “The End” and start editing this one and starting another!

  3. I hope your grandfather comes home and feels better soon!

    My editing has fallen off because everyone and their sister has been moving this month. And I’ve been helping them….

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