Would You Rather Book Edition

I haven’t done a Would You Rather game in a while. I figured, why not do another one?

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Would You Rather Have The Ability To Buy Unlimited eBooks Or Have a $10,000 Gift Card To Any Bookstore?

Give me that money! I enjoy both physical books and my Kindle, but I love being able to hold the actual book in my hand. Books may not be cheap, but I could still buy a ton with $10,000. My only issue would be that the Barnes & Noble near me also sells puzzles, board games, and Pokemon cards… I could buy a lot of Pokemon cards with $10,000.

Would You Rather Attend Hogwarts Or Live In The Shire?

I mean, this is a super tough one. I would love to go to Hogwarts and be a wizard but also the Shire calls to me. Hobbits sing the song of my people. They eat all day, they live in peace and harmony, and they look like me… minus all the hair. So, I think I would have to go with the Shire.

Would You Rather Write The World’s Number One Best-Seller Or Live Inside Your Favorite Book?

Even though most books have a happy ending and my favorites do, I think I would like to write a best seller. If I lived in my favorite book I’d go on one adventure. But if I could write many books – even if only one is a best seller – I could go on many adventures.

What are your answers to these questions? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Edition

  1. Totally agree with you on all of these!

    Gimme that money, my own personal library ain’t gonna fund itself! The Shire is a wonderland of food, song and peace and I will not rest until we are closer to living there! And as you so wisely note, best-sellers can go on All the adventures, while people in books only go on one…

    This was fun to think about, and I needed that this morning, so extra thanks for this!

  2. As for the last one, I feel like many books have such traumatic environments that the characters should have PTSD afterwards! Definitely would rather best seller.

    • You’re totally right, lol. I didn’t think of it that way! So yeah, best seller all the way.

  3. 1. Unlimited eBooks. Mostly because they’re more accessable to me.

    2. Ohhh… This one’s tough. On the one hand, I’m as much of a hobbit as you. On the other hand, Hogwarts… I think I’m going to go with living in the Shire though. It’s a close one, but… Yeah. The Shire.

    3. Write a bestseller. Then I’d have plenty of money to decorate my hobbit hole, where I could read and write all kinds of different stories.

    • eBooks are definitely easier, I agree. Hogwarts and the Shire is tough, but in the end, I need some peace, lol. Also, yes! Decorate that hobbit hole and throw parties to upset Bilbo!

  4. I feel like all of my answers to these are the complete opposite of yours. While I love physical books, the idea of having unlimited books on my device sounds wonderful to me because I can buy as many books as I want past the $10,000 amount.

    I would choose Hogwarts because I never got into the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, though I tried. So no Shire for me.

    And while writing a bestseller would be cool, I like the idea of going into a book because I’d get to meet all sort of characters. And yes, most stories do tell of one adventure, but if your in the book, you could end up going on more than one too.

      • Well, we all definitely have different answers to these sorts of bookish questions. I know we aren’t all going to agree or have the same opinions since all of us like different books and enjoy our passion for books in different ways.

        I definitely enjoyed answering these questions though and love talking about these types of things. 🙂

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