Short Story Sunday 258: Ex

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“What do you mean I’m crossed out?” Amy asked as calmly as she could bare. She tried not to grit her teeth but if she didn’t release some sort of pressure, she knew she’d punch someone.

Emily shrugged. “I don’t know, your name it just crossed out on the list. So, I was told not to let you in.”

Amy narrowed her eyes. “You do realize we’re here to work on a school project, right? This isn’t some rave party or dance club.”

“Listen,” Emily let out an annoyed sigh, “I don’t know what my sister does, okay? And honestly, I don’t care. All I know is that she paid me 20-dollars to wait by the door. She told me some people were allowed in and others weren’t.”

Amy rolled her eyes. Leave it to Morgan to pay her younger sister to be the bouncer of her house. “You said others weren’t allowed in? Who are the others?”

Emily looked down at her clipboard. Her gaze scanned the list of names – all five of them. She looked back up at Amy and bluntly replied, “Just you.”

Amy’s jaw nearly dropped. What a slap in the face. “Are the other girls in there now?”

Emily nodded. “You’re the last one to arrive. Well, I guess Sam was the last one to arrive since she was actually allowed in.”

“Emily, this is stupid.” Amy growled pinching the bridge of her nose.

“I don’t make the rules.”

“There are no rules!” Amy raised her voice. “We’re supposed to be working on a project together for school. How am I supposed to help them if they won’t let me in?”

The young girl shrugged.

Amy sighed. She suddenly felt more upset than she did angry. “Do you know why they don’t want me in their group?” Her teacher did allow them to choose groups. Amy had no close friends in science though and was the odd one out as there had to be groups of four and there were 17 kids in the class. She got assigned to be with them.

“Hey, you want my advice?” Emily said in a hushed tone.

“Sure, why not?” Amy replied. What else was there to do?

Emily held out her hand. Amy rolled her eyes and handed the devious little brat a five-dollar bill.

“When you go to school on Monday, tell your teacher everything that happened. Do the project yourself this weekend and hand it in. I know all my sister’s friends. If you worked with them, you wouldn’t have gotten a good grade anyway.”

Amy smirked. She was most likely going to do that anyway, but hearing it from Emily in such a way made her smile. It made her feel a little better anyway.

She nodded her thanks to Emily and turned around and headed for home to work on the project herself. Good thing it was her job to get all the research done. She’d be finished before she knew it.

Words: 498

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