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Allie opened the front door to her new home with a wide grin. “Come in, come in!” she exclaimed opening the door wider and allowing a few of her friends to enter. She had been living in this house for a week now and things finally seemed to be in order. All the boxes were unpacked and put away. The furniture was in place. The cable and Internet were set up. There was nothing else left to do other than celebrate.

She had set up the living room and the finished basement for people to roam and hang out. She cleaned every single room so her guests could wander and explore the three different floors of the house. Allie had a lot of space and she knew exactly what she was going to do for each and every inch of it.

“Wow,” Jon said as he entered the main living room. “This place is huge.”

“I went with the open concept.” Allie beamed. She had picked up the “open concept” saying when she was searching for a forever home. Before she started her search had no idea what that meant.

Casey wiped her feet on the welcome mat and kicked her shoes off to the side. “I wouldn’t want to get these beautiful hardwood floors scratched up.”

Allie giggled with excitement.

Jon chuckled. “Personally, I like carpet for living rooms.”

Allie frowned. “Why?

“Seems homier.”

Casey elbowed Jon and shot him a glare. Then she smiled at Allie. “Don’t listen to him, it’s beautiful.”

“I was just voicing my opinion. I didn’t say this looked bad. I merely meant if this were my home, I’d want carpet to be put in.” Jon explained defensively.

“Well, this isn’t your home.” Casey scolded.

“Guys, really. Don’t worry about it.” Allie dismissed with a wave of her hand. She closed the front door once her friends stood far enough into the living room. “Any suggestions are welcome. I may not listen, but I’m open to hearing opinion’s about decorating and the house itself.”

“It’s just on his mind because we’re still looking for our forever home.” Casey stated.

Jon snorted. “It’s been eight months and we’ve got nothing.”

“It’s eight more months of savings though.” Casey shrugged.

“Eh, fine,” Jon agreed. He nodded his head to Allie. “Where’s the bathroom?”

“Down the hall and it’s the first door on your left.” Allie said pointing her finger across the room. She grinned again. “It’s a guest bathroom. There’s another guest bathroom in the basement, a full bathroom upstairs, and another full bathroom in the master bedroom – my bedroom.”

“Nice!” Jon cheered.

“Why do you need the bathroom? Didn’t you just go before we left?” Casey asked.

“Yeah, but I wanna check it out.” Jon said with a shrug. Without waiting for Casey’s response, he turned away and headed down the hall. Casey let out a sigh and rolled her eyes.

“There’s food in the kitchen.” Allie said to her and then added, “along with my parents. Enter at your own risk.”

Casey grinned. “Well, the kitchen is my favorite part of the house. I can’t wait to see what that looks like!” She immediately turned right around and headed toward the archway that lead into the kitchen. It was wide enough to tell the kitchen was next door, there was no need for Allie to show her the way.

Allie remained in the living room by herself. Her family was picking on the appetizers in the kitchen along with a couple of family friends. Jon and Casey had arrived. There were just a few more people left to come. Then she could give everyone the grand tour. Most of them helped her move in, but they haven’t seen the place as Allie’s before.

The doorbell rang again. Allie clapped her hands to herself and turned to open the door.

Words: 645

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