February 2019 [Wrap Up]

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February was a good reading month. I read what I had planned to read and have gotten a good amount ahead of my book reviews as well. I think I’m finally out of my reading slump. I think it helps that I’ve been planning on what to read again. I had originally stopped that because I didn’t follow through with it, but I’ve been sticking with it lately.


February was a decent writing month. I was able to get a good amount done and I even was able to dedicate an entire day to writing so I could catch up with a lot as well. It was great.


Blogging was something I worked the most on this month. I was able to get so far ahead – I got March’s blog posts done as well as graphics and blog posts written for certain series that I can write ahead of time. My Short Story Sundays, Time To Write, Quotes, and other series are completely written and scheduled for the rest of the year! It’s a great feeling and I’m glad to be able to focus more on blog maintenance as well as writing and freelancing now.


February was a great month. I got way more done than I thought I ever would and I feel well prepared for March and beyond!

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12 thoughts on “February 2019 [Wrap Up]

      • It went great and it went terribly! But even the ‘terribly’ wasn’t too bad (I had a WIP that was almost finished, then stopped in order to work on a much less hopeful-to-publish but still what-I-want-to-write-right-now story…).

        • Ah, I know that feeling! I always tend to want to work on the projects that are less prioritized. Go figure, lol.

    • I agree. It was kind of a weird month. I hope you had a great one and a better March as well!

  1. I’m glad you had such a great February, and did such an awesome job with your goals for the month.

    By the time I was done with my time in hospital, had dealt with the issues that turned out to be allergies (apparently I’m allergic to every painkiller apart from Ibuprofen) and was recovered enough that I could sit up for more than a few moments without being in so much pain I was crying, I kind of ran out of February. I read a little, but not much, and that’s pretty much all I did (and I only managed the little I did of that because my Kindle does the work). February was neither a productive month, nor a particularly fun one. On the bright side though, I’ve finally got the surgery over with, and the only complication has been my allergy to all the pain medication (meaning I mostly just have to put up with the pain, because Ibuprofen doesn’t do much… I’m taking it for the bit of help it does offer though).

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