Short Story Sunday 253: Delivery [Flash Fiction]

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Chase came home to find a package sitting on the front steps. He bent down, picked it up, and read the label before even unlocking the front door. “Alyson Dixon,” he read and then sighed, “I didn’t order anything so I guess I should have known it wouldn’t be for me.”

“Why are you talking to yourself?”

Chase turned around hearing Alyson’s voice. “Hey, I wasn’t expecting you home so early.”

His sister shrugged as she pushed past him to unlock the front door. “Yeah, well it turned out I didn’t have to babysit this afternoon. I got to the school to pick up the kids and guess who pulls into the parking lot? They’re mom. She had the day off and forgot to text me.”

She pushed the front door open and took hold of the storm door to let her brother enter first.

Chase ducked under Alyson’s arm with his own arms wrapped around the box. Alyson followed letting the storm door close with a light slam. Then she closed and locked the front door again.

Chase put the package on the couch. “That’s annoying.”

Alyson shrugged again tossing her purse onto the armchair in the living room. “It’s fine. She said she’d pay me anyway because it was so last minute and she spaced.”

Chase smiled. “Wow, free money for four hours?”

Alyson chuckled. “Yep.”

“No wonder you can afford these packages. I feel like a new one comes for you almost every day.” Chase said. He stared at the box. His backpack wasn’t even off his shoulders yet.

“Christmas is around the corner, you know. Besides, what do you care?” Alyson wondered aloud.

“I’m curious, I guess.” Chase shrugged. Then he looked over his shoulder to his sister with a sly grin. “Are any of these packages for me?”

Alyson pushed her purse to the side and sat down in the armchair. She crossed her legs and propped her elbow up on the arm of the chair. She rested her head back and smiled. “Open it.”

Chase paused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean open the box. See what’s inside.”

“But you order a lot of stuff. You don’t know what could be in here.” Chase said.

“I know what’s in that box.” Alyson countered.

“But… what about Christmas?” Chase asked.

Alyson sighed. “Alright, fine. Don’t open the box.”

“No, no, I will!” Chase protested. He turned back around to look at the box.

He picked it up and held it high above his head. It was on the lighter side. He then brought it down to be eye-level with him and he shook it from side to side. Something slid around in it. The box wasn’t too heavy either. He shook it again but up and down this time. Whatever was in there bounced around. He guessed it was something small.

Alyson rolled her eyes. “Come on, Chase. Just opened the box.”

He put it back down on the couch and ripped through the tape sealing the cardboard shut. He struggled for a bit. Alyson even got up to hand him a pair of scissors to cut through the packing tape. When he did, he handed her the scissors back and pulled the flaps open.

Chase grinned as he peered into the box. There was something special inside. Some he had always wanted, but there was a slight problem.

He picked it up and examined it. His smiled faded though he tried not to show it. “Wow, thanks, Alyson.”

“I know you really wanted that video game.” Alyson said with a proud smile.

“I do, but… I’m sorry, I can’t play it. I don’t have the latest console that this is for.” Chase said. He felt bad. He knew his sister had meant well and he was excited and grateful for the gift. He didn’t want her to think otherwise.

Alyson chuckled. “Come on, Chase, I’m not stupid. The console should arrive by tomorrow night.”

Chase’s eyes grew. His jaw dropped.

Alyson laughed. She wrapped her arms around her brother in a hug.

“Thank you so much!” he exclaimed. “But… why? And why not for Christmas?”

“I thought about giving it to you for Christmas. But you’ve been wanting this for months now. And I figured I could get you some accessories for it for Christmas.” She winked.

Chase grinned. More deliveries were on the way.

Words: 731

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