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Since I’ve been doing so much organizing this month, I decided I should probably do my books as well. I have two bookshelves in the basement as well as two small “floating” shelves in my office. I typically have the floating shelves hold books I’m currently reading or what I’ll be reading next as well as writing craft books.

My bookshelves in the basement have been overflowing for a long time now and they’ve been needing some organization.

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Except I didn’t actually organize my books. I took all my books off the two bookcases and went through the ones I want to keep and got rid of some others.

Every time I try to get rid of some books I end up donating a handful. I become too attached to the books and keep them all. Except, I’ve been in the mood to clear some things out and make room. I have too much stuff and things have been super cluttered lately. It’s driving me nuts.

It took me a half hour to go through my books and I ended up with six stacks of books that I’m getting rid of. Honestly, I didn’t seem to get too attached to any of the books either. I think I’m just “ready” to clean house.

The books I got rid of were old series like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars that I will never read again. I was into those books in middle school and a bit of high school and then grew out of them.

Other books I decided to donate were books I’ve had for years and I know I will never read. Then there were other books I let go of that I have read but know I will either never read again or I just didn’t care too much for the book and it no longer needs to be displayed on my shelf.

I always hate getting rid of things. I’m one of those people who believe inanimate objects have feelings and I feel bad donating them. Unless something is broken or in bad condition, I never throw anything away. I always donate it to my church’s Thrift Shop or other places that accept donations. I know someone will be able to use whatever I give away more so than how I’ve been using it… or not using it.

I was proud of myself for getting rid of so many books. Honestly, it didn’t free up that much space on my shelves, but it did make some sort of dent.

I definitely feel good about getting that done and out of the way. Now I need to go back to it at some point and actually organize the books by series or author or… something.

Have you gone through your books lately? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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12 thoughts on “Organizing My Books

  1. I went through my books once, but hated it so much I never did it again. I hate giving away books. Actually, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t generally go to the library: I don’t like having to get rid of the book after I’ve read it, even if it’s only going somewhere I can borrow it from whenever I want to. The other reason is that I feel sad for the books that are mistreated (not to mention, mistreating books is even worse with braille or audio books, since even the smallest amount of damage can cause problems with reading/listening to those). I know libraries do eBooks now, but that just brings us back to the issue where I hate when the book has to go away. My hubby says I’m weird.

    • I don’t blame you though. I hate giving away anything, especially books. I very rarely go through them, but it needed to be done. They were so cluttered.

  2. Great post!We’ve moved a lot so I’ve reviewed my collection more frequently than most perhaps. There are books I’m happy to only read once and then pass on. Others will never leave!

    • There are some books I’ll never let go of, definitely. There were some I’ve read and know will never read again, but there are others I’ve read and really enjoyed and kept them even if I may never re-read them. I’m impressed I got rid of as many as I did, lol.

  3. You go gir. I am decluttering my whole house, but received a car load (literally: full hatchback, both floors and seats full in backseat and a stack on passenger seat in front. I now have the responsibility of distributing them around our little town. Of course, my Little Free Library and I have first dibs! LOL

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